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The burial of the railroad through the urban area includes from San Diego to Las Ramblas after passing (02/11/2018)

The Ministry published the project on the Internet without notifying Lorca on Wednesday, but it still does not reach the City Council, which is why he claims that the Ministry does not break the institutional loyalty that must be maintained, especially with projects of this magnitude.

The Councilor for Development in the City of Lorca, Angel Mecca, has confirmed that the burial project released by the Ministry of Development coincides in its entirety with that presented by Iñigo de la Serna, Fernando López Miras and Fulgencio Gil 6 months

Virtually nothing has changed.

We are talking about a burial that includes from the San Diego station to past the Las Chatas and Las Señoritas boulevards.

We must remember that this length exceeded what was initially planned, since at first the track under the surface only reached the vicinity of Martín Morata street.

However, the extension was extended thanks to the agreement between the 3 administrations.

The total buried distance, according to this text, is 2.55 kilometers, plus two trench entry and exit ramps that would total up to 3.1 km.

The mayor of Development has said that today we have to indicate that this City Council has not yet received a copy of the draft information study officially, and surprisingly, we had to find out what it included through the Internet, since, without prior notice to this Consistory, we had proof of its publication on the Ministry's website in the evening of last Wednesday.

For us it is a circumstance that does not go unnoticed, and that has raised the confusion, since we had anticipated that we would move the printed document for public exposure, and at no time was warned of its publication on the Internet.

We trust that this type of actions will not be repeated, since from the City Council we are maintaining a committed attitude and maximum institutional loyalty that on this occasion has not been matched by the Ministry of Development.

We hope that in the future we will not have to attend other similar episodes.

The project, once reviewed its content, contemplates two alternatives of layout for its urban integration in our municipality.

One of them retrieves the option of two ways on the surface with side walls and screening, something that we trust that it is only a technical requirement included to save the ordinary procedure, and that it is disregarded permanently.

Logically, if not, this City Council will oppose frontally, since, after all that we have achieved with the joint work of Lorca society, we deserve no less.

We are facing a project that, in any case, had to have seen the public light several months ago, but it has been delayed without knowing exactly what reasons there have been, but the reality is that this project was practically closed since last month. may.

That is why we demand that there be no new delays against the burying of roads in our city.

We are talking about a project that will be the biggest step forward that this municipality will enjoy in terms of rail communications.

Lorca was a node of reference in this regard for the entire eastern area, which was truncated by the worst mistake in the history of our country in this regard, with the disastrous closure and closure of the lines connecting Murcia with Granada and Almeria to through Almendricos.

The mayor will proceed to gather the Bureau of the burial next week at the Local Development Center in order to share the in-depth analysis that municipal technicians are finalizing the project in question.

In the same will be offered all the details and incidents that are observed in the document, trusting that the printed copy of it that must be made available to all citizens at the headquarters of the Department of Urban Planning, we are sent in time and shape.

Works Camino Marín

Ángel Meca has asked the Government of Spain to continue the works that are being executed in the vicinity of the Camino Marín, and that it has blocked the end of the improvement interventions also in the Alameda de Cervantes area.

The urban integration project that has already been published on the Ministry's website confirms what we have been saying from the City Council, that these works do not interfere at all, and that the work could have been completed already.

At this point we demand that the works can be resumed to finish as soon as possible.

Total support for the residents of Villaespesa Soterrada

The councilman of Development has stressed that the City Council supports the initiative of the residents of the districts of Tercia, La Hoya and Marchena, and already last May presented the allegations against the proposal to execute several flyovers in 3 enclaves.

We are with the neighbors, and defend their claims, which have preferential treatment by this Consistory, as we are aware that what we are not able to achieve now, will be a mistake for many years.

In this sense, the City Council has officially moved to the Ministry of Development a chain of improvements and allegations to be included in the construction project of the AVE Platform planned for our municipality.

As main contributions, the Technical Contracting Office, following instructions from the mayor, Fulgencio Gil, requested that given the high traffic recorded by the roads Villaespesa and Enmedio, in both cases it is claimed that the steps are not elevated but underground, in addition to the replacement of the roads Molino de la Sierra, Puente Churra and Vereda de La Palma.

These requests include, in addition, the realization of a less invasive alternative for the private buildings affected, as well as the incorporation of more drainage works and the extension of the existing ones of 2.2 m, to avoid afflictions in case of torrential rains.

Meca Ruzafa has stated that once the planned gradients have been studied, it is requested that, always considering the corresponding technical requirements, an attempt be made to adjust the gradients more to the existing terrain and to the planned transversal drainage works, since very high red dimensions are observed throughout of the entire platform section to be executed.

With the possible reduction of the level of the slope we would obtain, among others, the following advantages: a minor alteration of the landscape, improving the visual impact;

a lower superficial occupation of the affected properties and, therefore, a lower loss of soil and of agricultural productivity;

a smaller volume of fillings (very deficient in this project, with a volume coming from quarries exceeding 3.5 million cubic meters), etc.

With respect to the intersections with the main existing roads, the typology of some transversal road crossings has been modified.

The Informative Study showed 4 superior steps (pk: 37 + 850, 39 + 000, 40 + 300 and 44 + 200) and 4 lower ones (pk: 36 + 200, 42 + 600, 45 + 600 and 46 + 200) .

In the Construction project there are 6 overpasses (pk: 240 + 100, 242 + 300, 243 + 500, 244 + 700, 245 + 600 and 246 + 600) and a lower step (pk: 239 + 800).

With the elimination of crossings under or over the railway infrastructure, territorial permeability and sectoral agricultural and livestock productivity are impaired, since connectivity is lost.

The Councilor for Development has explained that it is requested that the upper passes of the D-3 (pk 243 + 500), the Camino de Villaespesa (pk 245 + 000) and the Camino de Enmedio (pk 245 + 680) are projected as inferior, taking advantage of the current existing trace, in order to reduce the conditions and improve the layout of the crossings.

With red levels of 5.12, 3.69 and 3.02 m, respectively, the gradient of the lower passages would not be far below the natural terrain.

In any case, the City of Lorca would be responsible for the maintenance of the necessary facilities to pump water that could be retained when episodes of precipitation occur.

It also calls for the replacement of roads Molino de la Sierra, Puente Churra and Vereda de La Palma so that they can continue to provide service, since it is about roads that connect the center of the city with the surrounding districts and receive traffic. high daily of vehicles.

The City Council requests that the upper passage that existed in the limit of the municipality of Lorca (pk 235 + 650), which was demolished when the construction of the platform of the section between Totana and Lorca of the Alcantarilla-Lorca High Speed ​​Mediterranean Corridor Construction Project.

With the replacement of this step, connectivity in this area of ​​the municipal area is improved, since the nearest steps are several kilometers away.

Ángel Meca has explained that there are several private buildings that have been affected by the construction of high-rise concrete walls next to them (M-242.3, PS-243.5, M-244.8 and PS-245.6).

It is requested that the solution given in the project be reconsidered and a less invasive one proposed.

With respect to the transversal drainage, it is proposed that more drainage works be incorporated and that the existing 2.2 m be extended, given the risk that a possible clogging of the frames could lead to flooding upstream of the Mediterranean Corridor platform. , producing the dreaded "dam" effect, with the consequent risk for the people who reside there and the existing goods.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Lorca

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