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The Mayor vindicates the validity of the Principle of Solidarity protected by the Constitution (05/12/2018)

Fulgencio Gil demands that the thousands of Lorca be respected who with effort and sacrifice carry out their plantations and farms: "here we live from this, to let our skin work on our dry land, fighting against desertification and spoiling every drop of water".

The Mayor of Lorca, Fulgencio Gil, along with several councilors of the Government Team, participated this morning in various commemorative events of the Constitution Day, an event that is celebrated tomorrow, a day in which precisely marks the XL Anniversary of its approval in referendum.

The Mayor has stressed that it is one of the great festivals of our country.

40 years have passed since the Spaniards backed by a very large majority the Constitution that since 1978 has watched over the safety of how many people live in this country.

The First Edil has indicated that, given the particular circumstances that we Lorca are suffering from the refusal to transfer to this land the water that corresponds to us, we must claim the full validity of our Magna Carta, which expressly states in its Article 138 that "The State guarantees the effective realization of the principle of solidarity enshrined in Article 2 of the Constitution, ensuring the establishment of an economic equilibrium, adequate and fair between the various parts of the Spanish territory", noting, moreover, that "the differences between The Statutes of the different Autonomous Communities may not imply, in any case, economic or social privileges. "

Fulgencio Gil has demanded that the thousands of Lorca be respected who with so much effort and sacrifice take forward the main socio-economic engine of our region.

Here we live from this, to let our skin work on our dry land, fighting hard and decisively against the advance of desertification, respecting the natural environment and putting in the pantries of all Europe the best agri-food products and with the highest quality.

Faced with this reality, we do not resign ourselves to bending our heads when they deny us water, but we demand that we be respected.

All Spaniards and residents in Spain must celebrate with joy the birthday of our Constitution and tell our colleagues, our friends and parents how important it is to live in a country that has a Magna Carta like ours.

Never in the history of Spain was there such an important text as the 1978 Constitution. That is why all Spaniards have to defend the Constitution, take care of it and respect it.

The Constitution is the guarantee of our country and the main defense of our fundamental rights.

While we have Constitution we will be free and equal.

As long as the Constitution exists, we will not have to be afraid.

The First Edil stressed that the anniversary of the Constitution is a very important party we have to celebrate with sincere joy for a text that is the guarantee of the rule of law in our country.

Spain is like a building of flats in which many different families live.

It is a stable and solid building.

But for a building to be stable it has to have strong foundations, which are capable of maintaining the solidity of all the houses.

In the buildings are concrete and cement elements that are responsible for stability.

In the great building that is Spain, its foundations are a series of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat were established thanks to the Constitution and that were approved by the Spaniards in a referendum on December 6, 1978.

These values ‚Äč‚Äčor foundations that all Spaniards have under the Constitution are freedom, equality, justice, political pluralism and, of course, popular sovereignty.

The Spaniards are free.

Since we are born we are free, no one can own us or force us to do something that is not lawful or that threatens the freedom of another person.

Our freedom opens all the doors and turns us into human beings in fullness.

The Spaniards are the same.

We all have the same opportunities and the same rights.

Whatever our sex, our skin color, our place of birth or our education, Spaniards are equal and we can not be discriminated against.

In Spain there is justice.

A person will never be allowed to harm the freedom of another person.

The laws, beginning with the Constitution itself, guarantee that our rights can not be violated.

Whoever commits a crime and attempts against another person, will be punished for it;

who suffers because another person attacks against it, can resort to justice to solve the problem.

In Spain, political pluralism prevails.

This means that there are different political options.

And there is popular sovereignty, which means that it is the Spaniards who choose their rulers.

Freedom, equality, justice, political pluralism and popular sovereignty are the keys that form our Constitution.

These are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat, as a foundation, make Spain grow in peace and that Spaniards grow in happy coexistence.

The Spanish Constitution is the guarantee of all these values ‚Äč‚Äčthanks to what was its main virtue: consensus.

It was written by seven different men, of different parties and different tendencies, but they had in common their firm desire to elaborate a Constitution for all Spaniards, that had a future vocation, and that was valid for the adults of 1978, but also for the young people of the year 2018. Our Constitution is not the will of some over others, but reflects a collective effort of the Spanish to ensure a better society, to ensure a Spain in which all families can live in peace.

The Constitution has the immense capacity to encompass all Spaniards, to accommodate different men and women, but we share a country, aspirations and dreams;

that we suffer together when we have to suffer, but that we have the ability to unite and create the unimaginable: as a magnificent country or as a Consensus Constitution, of national reconciliation and solidarity among all Spaniards.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Lorca

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