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  • The University General Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca has a new robot to speed up analytical (27/02/2010)
    1800 The device classifies samples in less than two hours
  • PSOE: "Jódar decides that only benefit from the Plan E 2010 eleven of the 39 districts" (26/02/2010)

  • The first phase of excavations at the castle of Lorca discovered late medieval domestic structures of the north end of the Jewish urban fabric (26/02/2010)
    "Lorca Taller del Tiempo" receives the final report of the activity with which to start a broader program
  • The owners of the 66,610 vehicles registered in Lorca will benefit from a drop of 1.5% of the "seal of the car" (26/02/2010)

  • Qdamos program more than 50 sports and cultural activities for 14 to 35 (26/02/2010)
    During the nights of the weekend until 20 March
  • The sewer connection works will cause changes in the movement of vehicles (26/02/2010)
    At the intersection of Avenida Juan Carlos I to C / Priest Emilio Garcia
  • The installation of a tower crane work cut traffic maintained during the weekend (26/02/2010)
    Cava in the streets, Corregidor and part of the Plaza of Spain
  • 2.7 million for 100 new residential places for seniors in Lorca (26/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the City to adhere to the Program 'Natural Ways' from the Ministry of Environment (25/02/2010)
    The Socialist councilor, Francisca López, explained that through this initiative can be provided "an alternative use" to the trails, abandoned roads obsolete or historic roads in the city
  • Culture restored the image of Our Lady of Solitude José Sánchez Lozano (25/02/2010)
    Budget to replenish the size, ownership of the Confraternity of the Holy Christ of the Blood, was € 25,000
  • The construction of the Sports Center Volleyball Modernization of La Torrecilla are underway (25/02/2010)

  • Francisco Enrique Ujaldón Jódar and delivered to Step Incarnate restored height of the Virgen de la Soledad (25/02/2010)
    The Director General of Fine Arts announces the Autonomous Region will invest 250,000 euros in the complete restoration of the church of San Cristobal
  • The City Council launches a new initiative that focuses on urban hiking (25/02/2010)
    For the older improve their quality of life
  • Emilio Pascual, National Prize of Literature for Children and Youth, today participated in the Encounters with author of "organized in the library (25/02/2010)
    Nearly 200 high school students have participated in such activity.
  • Education offers solutions to parents of students in the college of the deputation lorquina of Directors (24/02/2010)
    The Director General of Department met with representatives of the AMPA and director of the school
  • Lorca Mazarron face tomorrow in the third day of school sports (24/02/2010)
    is scheduled for Thursday the dispute of the local phase of athletics in 1400 involving school
  • Answer criticisms that the PSOE on economic situation of the City (24/02/2010)

  • The City Council will bring forward the repair of the houses affected by the blasting of tunnels on the A7 (24/02/2010)
    who are at serious and imminent danger to the integrity
  • The City Council launches a new initiative that focuses on urban hiking for seniors to improve their quality of life (24/02/2010)
    The "Pathways to Health" includes 90-minute walk marches in which the largest are accompanied by a monitor.
  • The Municipal Band will perform a special concert on Friday to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer (24/02/2010)
    will start at 20:30 pm in the Theater War and entry will cost only € 6
  • The Socialist Party calls on the Regional Assembly that the regional government to build a school in Directors in 2010 (23/02/2010)
    The Socialist deputy Jesus Lopez, also requires that, "immediately" be enabled portable classrooms for the school's College Counselor to restart the school year
  • The 'Road Safety Week 2010 Lorca' will bring 15,000 children traffic rules through games, workshops and drills (23/02/2010)
    The Region of Murcia is also the first Spanish region to host the competition for road safety 'Put Junior Brake 'aimed at primary and secondary schools
  • Lorca prominence at the Fourth Conference of the Lecture Series "The Jewish Culture in Lorca" (23/02/2010)

  • El Huerto Ruano will host next Wednesday's opening of the painting exhibition "Miguel Hernandez, 40 poems (23/02/2010)

  • Education will inform parents about the actions that take place in school Lorca's "The Chief" (23/02/2010)
    To be held next Wednesday at the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment
  • The "Road Safety Week 2010" in Lorca meet during the month of April more than 15,000 schools across the Region (23/02/2010)
    The event will be held at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria.
  • The Full Council of Lorca rejects the extension of retirement age and contribution period proposed by the Government of Spain (22/02/2010)

  • The writer Gonzalo Moure visit the Cultural Centre to mark the "Encounters with the author" of the Municipal Library (22/02/2010)
    On Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 Valencian talk to 500 students from different schools in the city
  • About a thousand students will participate tomorrow in the local phase of children's school sports athletics (22/02/2010)

  • The Full Council approves Lorca's adaptation of the Urban Planning at the Large Cities to expedite proceedings (22/02/2010)

  • The City of Lorca and social groups agree on the terms of the new ordinance of peaceful coexistence, approved today by the House (22/02/2010)

  • The PSOE has an emergency motion in Parliament (22/02/2010)
    for the City Council requiring the Autonomous Region to build a new school in Directors
  • The City of Lorca on citizens through a campaign and fight the next switch-off March 23 (22/02/2010)
    The campaign includes lectures in neighborhoods and districts, raffle DTT receivers, as well as the distribution of posters and leaflets
  • The Socialist Party has long denounced the poor state of the school 'The Chief' of Lorca (20/02/2010)
    Rep. Jesus Lopez says that "the responsibility of the poor condition of this and other schools is the regional government"
  • Communication College Counselor (19/02/2010)

  • Lorca and The Jews: Jewish tourists (19/02/2010)
    The Fourth Conference of the Lecture "The Lorca Jewish Culture" will be held next Monday 22
  • Limusa wide fleet for collection (19/02/2010)
    The municipal company reinforced with a fourth unit to your device for emptying containers that house the recoverable fraction of municipal waste
  • The City of Lorca increased citizen participation channels creating the Municipal Council on the Environment and Sustainability (19/02/2010)

  • Ana Pastor bid to boost the authority of teachers and the effort to recover the culture as a foundation for a quality education (19/02/2010)
    Lorca participates in an act of the PP sector at the regional level together with the Mayor of the City
  • Ferra regrets that the "awkwardness" of the PP will prevent a rapid solution to the college of Directors (19/02/2010)

  • The PSOE de Lorca stresses the urgent construction of a new school in The Advisor (19/02/2010)
    This week has collapsed the roof of the computer room of the center, fearing parents might happen to disgrace
  • IU + LV urges the Community to fix the C-9 of Zarzadilla de Totana (18/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for hiring more staff to complete the works on Main Street in the Barrio de San Cristóbal (18/02/2010)
    The General Secretary of PSOE, Diego Ferrer, has criticized the length of the work due to the small number of workers "while there Lorca thousands of unemployed. "
  • The Civil Guard recovers 3 classic motorcycles stolen and offered for sale on a web portal (18/02/2010)
    In the Civil Guard action has proceeded to the arrest of two persons, having committed a crime of theft and one receiving.
  • The works for construction of factory Noksel involve an investment of 22 million and could begin in the coming weeks (18/02/2010)
    Urban Development has already granted planning permission for the arrival of the multinational Lorca.
  • Constantine Jódar Francisco Sotoca and delivered to 32 participants at the Workshop on Employment "Cronos" diplomas (18/02/2010)
    certifies its theoretical and practical training
  • ITV inspection for agricultural vehicles in La Hoya, on 22 February (18/02/2010)

  • Soler believes that "it is urgent and urgent" to find a solution to the road between Lorca Zarzadilla de Totana (18/02/2010)
    The Socialist deputy exhibited photographs in the Land Policy Committee of the evident deterioration of this communication channel
  • The PSOE alert residents of the Highlands could lose grants because of the lack of information from the PP government team (18/02/2010)
    The PSOE Councillor, Lucia Sanchez, said that the City Council is not providing enough guidance to interested neighbors benefit from EAFRD aid
  • Lorca and Librilla face this afternoon on the second day of Phase Inter school sports (18/02/2010)

  • The Carnival parade next Saturday cause changes in traffic from 08:00 pm (18/02/2010)

  • Three students from the School of Plastic Arts opens today at the Palace of Guevara's exhibition "Piromanga" (17/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the Mayor to be involved in finding solutions to the residents of San Lázaro (17/02/2010)
    The PSOE also asks the City Council that the technical instruction to issue municipal authorities, as appropriate, reports linking damage houses to works in the tunnels
  • The First National Entertainment Olympics to be held in Lorca is presented in the Valencian Community (17/02/2010)
    The event is expected to be present at different points of the country
  • The City Council invests more than € 2 million to remodel 40 Pibal streets of the Barrio de San Cristóbal and create Placeta Cruz de Sola (17/02/2010)

  • Diego José Mateos Ginés replace Diaz as councilor in the Municipal Socialist Group (17/02/2010)

  • The protests began lorquino PSOE for Agricultural and Food City is located in Lorca (17/02/2010)
    The socialist campaign starts after the mayor of Lorca became public last week, his support for the bid to host the city Totana food
  • Rare Diseases Association performed at the Rafael Méndez de Lorca an information campaign (16/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Party welcomes the "single zone" for secondary education (16/02/2010)

  • 16 historians participating in this year's V International Symposium of Young Medievalists, to be held in Lorca from 17 to 19 March (16/02/2010)
    Councilman Councilwoman University of Culture and have noted that 83 papers were presented about ten countries which is successful once more the number of participants last year.
  • The City Council built this year Lorca Point Child Care in La Paca (16/02/2010)
    for 41 children aged 0 to 3 years
  • Six routes up the "Lorca Foot 2010" which will begin on March 6 (16/02/2010)

  • Garcia Aragon claims that the Government of Zapatero cut in more than one third the money it sends to Lorca and rate reduction as a measure "antisocial" left to local councils in the ICU (15/02/2010)
    The money you send to the City is reduced € 17 million to 12 and Plan E is cut by 40%
  • The PSOE warns that the change of use of land for the construction of the auditorium could be "illegal" (15/02/2010)

  • Successful participation in the Seminar "New trends in fitness training" (15/02/2010)

  • Francisco Garcia: "The PSOE wants to leave without Lorca without Auditorium and Congress Palace, but they will achieve" (15/02/2010)

  • "Active TDH Lorca" and the Department of Education organized five workshops for parents of young children with Attention Deficit Disorder (15/02/2010)
    These activities begin on Monday and addressed to the parents of this association, in a direction and plan training aimed at this group.
  • Soler Assembly calls on the reinstatement of workers dismissed from the Tourist Consortium "Lorca Taller del Tiempo" (15/02/2010)
    Bartolomé Soler also calls for the resources allocated to the consortium recovers its activity, presence and impact in the municipality of Lorca
  • Water Alderman Hall stated that studies Bending of the Rambla de Tiata go ahead despite the controversy (15/02/2010)
    Morales has stressed "the excellent relations between the Segura River Basin Authority and the Municipality of Lorca" and "the important that the covering of the promenade will acquire in the future development of Lorca "
  • Jódar Valcárcel congratulated for his appointment to the Committee of the Regions of the European Union (12/02/2010)
    Jódar: "this is a new example of the importance that the region of Murcia has acquired and will acquire management by Valcárcel"
  • The Imjude organized a pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz on the occasion of the Jubilee Year (12/02/2010)
    are available in walking patterns (19, 20 and 21 March), or by bike with a single stage to celebrate the 21 March
  • Gines Diaz announces his intention to leave their act of council to choose the direction of your school (12/02/2010)

  • The Mayor opened 30 new points of light in the Way of the deputation Velopache Turret (12/02/2010)
    The new investment of more than 32,000 euros, including in the Plan Works of neighborhoods and districts of the City of Lorca and the Autonomous Community, will be a significant improvements for both pedestrians and drivers in the hamlet of Torrecill
  • The PP ZP Lorca says is "obsessed" with eliminating agricultural sector of our region and it is leading to a dead end (12/02/2010)
    Morocco will export more goods to Europe with the immobility of the Government of the Nation
  • Agriculture and Water building in the upper 16 miles of collector Guadalentín to protect water quality of river (12/02/2010)
    The general director of Water and the Municipal Council of Lorca visit the sanitation work in the hamlets of Altritar, Councilor and the Captives, which represent an investment of two million euros
  • Lorca City Council of the Autonomous Community will double the last year to pay current expenses (12/02/2010)

  • PSOE Lorca: "Giving up the Agricultural and Food City is the biggest mistake of Jódar since coming into office" (12/02/2010)
    PP Mayor says we should not be "navel-gazing" or "centrist" to justify its support for the town of Totana to become the seat of this project
  • The construction of a new office in Purias allow local residents to expand their activities (11/02/2010)
    It is transparent to the existing premises with a total of 140 m2 and an investment of 70,000 euros
  • The Mayor of Lorca II delivers the narrative Pascual Angel Award for Secondary Education (11/02/2010)

  • The children's carnival parade on Sunday February 14 will produce variations in vehicle traffic (11/02/2010)

  • Lorca and Aguilas are facing today in the opening round of inter-school sports (11/02/2010)
    In addition to the local stage also takes place this afternoon a new day in different ways
  • The Carnival parade next Saturday cause changes in traffic from 08:00 pm (11/02/2010)

  • Limusa implanted the first set of islets collection of the Peninsula to high population density (11/02/2010)
    40 containers are replaced recycling of 2.5 and 3 cubic meters of capacity in the main artery of the city ten sets of igloos 3,200 liters (model ISR-32)
  • The Socialist Party claims that Lorca Lorca is the headquarters of the Food City (11/02/2010)
    Diego Ferra said that the city of Totana working for months in preparation for his candidacy, "in a race to the bottom where you have traveled halfway while Jódar has not yet begun or warming "
  • Reply to criticism of the City PSOE and IU of works in the Plaza of Spain (10/02/2010)
    The mayor of Planning does not understand the criticisms and attributed to the "frustration of some politicians to see how we are doing what they did not know".
  • The PSOE describes as "ridiculous, amateurish and the result of improvisation" modification of the proposed renovation of the Plaza of Spain (10/02/2010)
    The Socialist Councillor Isabel Casalduero ensures that the PP mayor "is going it alone" on matters relating to works of the most emblematic square in the municipality.
  • The Caja Madrid and the Department of Higher offer "Cinema, Coffee and conversation" for over Lorca (10/02/2010)

  • Lorca Castle will host the Golden Draw Red Cross on 22 July (10/02/2010)
    The event will be advertised in cinemas, television, print, Internet and more than 100,000 partner establishments.
  • The Association of Friends of the Explorers of Lorca creates its website to raise awareness about their work and increase its members (10/02/2010)

  • Young Europeans seek new formulas to promote democracy (09/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the inclusion of representatives of workers unemployed in the Bureau of Local Employment (09/02/2010)
    Leoncio Collado socialist councilor also criticized the local government team of PP will devote a significant part of the Plan E 2010 for projects that generate only a couple of jobs
  • The field "Mundial 82" takes his first matches with the new generation artificial turf (09/02/2010)

  • Lorca Mayor congratulated the food industry for their continued efforts in innovation (09/02/2010)
    and encourage farmers to join forces to recover and consolidate markets
  • Welcome the headquarters of the local PSOE painted (09/02/2010)

  • The City Council today condemned the graffiti appeared in the Consistory, some establishments and headquarters of the PSOE and UGT (09/02/2010)
    and are considered an "attack on democracy"
  • Sports clubs and associations can now submit applications for grants (09/02/2010)

  • Called the basis for Lorquin Sports Gala 2010 (09/02/2010)

  • PSOE claims that destroyed a bridge centenary of Totana Zarzadilla (09/02/2010)
    The Socialist Councillor Isabel Casalduero regretted the lack of respect for the PP government team to the residents of the hamlet and the lack of sensitivity to local heritage
  • The Sun City Scout Group convenes its annual meeting (08/02/2010)

  • Jaime Zamora and Pasic CEIP - Campillo, occupied seats of honor in the second round of chess in juvenile category (08/02/2010)

  • Work on the Plaza of Spain are improved by eliminating the existing gap (08/02/2010)
    The slope is reduced to less than half through the empowerment of 3 steps in the James Street link.
  • The works of the main streets of town will be completed by mid-March (08/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls to build an annex to the classrooms of school children Almendricos (08/02/2010)

  • 138 cyclists took part in the second route of the "Bike and Nature" between Lorca and Terreros (08/02/2010)

  • La Semana Santa de Lorca, main protagonist of the XIX edition of Turismur (08/02/2010)
    Visitors were able to taste typical products of the municipality as the flat Murcia, the yarrow, wine and crespillos
  • The Musicians II Lorca Cycle retrieves the image of the composer José Mateos Heredia, (08/02/2010)
    Author of the hymns of Lorca CF, Federation San Clemente and regiment Mallorca 13
  • "The kosher market, business opportunity, the third conference title in the series" Jewish culture in Lorca " (08/02/2010)
    will be held on Wednesday February 10, from 16:30 hours at the headquarters of Ceclor
  • The works for the abolition of level crossing at Santa Clara are 70 per cent (05/02/2010)
    The Department invests more than 1.6 million in this action to prevent trafficking is interrupted every hour for the train passage.
  • The children's library will host storytelling every Saturday in February (05/02/2010)
    They start at 12:00 hours and will be narrated by actress Adela Mendiola
  • UPyD Municipal Government accused of not addressing the problem of traffic in the city (05/02/2010)
    Ask the City Council to shoulder its responsibility and implement effective measures to remedy the situation
  • The Governing Board approved two grants to apply for the Autonomous Region for guidance on employment and self employment and hire unemployed 31 (05/02/2010)

  • Days to promote intercultural dialogue and solidarity in Lorca (05/02/2010)
    lorquino Township will host a project of the University of Sevilla to encourage meetings between neighbors
  • The Socialist Party calls a "scam" companies Lorca Bidding Companies Registry Hall (05/02/2010)

  • The cars will run on Santa Clara this month, once finished the work of removing the former level crossing (05/02/2010)
    It is an investment of around EUR 1.7 million, financed entirely by the Autonomous Community.
  • The PSOE and requested an external audit in January SUVILOR (05/02/2010)

  • The autonomous invests 100 million euros in the Action Plan on Water in Lorca (04/02/2010)

  • Lorca City Council report in 2010 an Action Plan Against Noise Pollution, following the conclusions of the noise map (04/02/2010)

  • Lorca welcomed on Saturday the second day of school sports Chess juvenile category (04/02/2010)
    Complex will be held in Europe, involving a total of 61 students, of which 7 will represent Lorca
  • The Socialist Party calls for new ways of coordination between City Council, unions and employers to create jobs (04/02/2010)

  • 25 young people from different countries started in Lorca the European project "DD: D-Constructing D-mocrazy" (03/02/2010)
    City youth will become a reference point from 4 to 10 February with representatives of Hungary, Poland, France, Turkey, Romania and Spain.
  • Lorca Mayor delivers 150 degree programs to students in 14 courses offered scholarships by the Department of Employment (03/02/2010)

  • The Planning Department initially approved a partial plan (03/02/2010)
    allow compensation for land ceded to the Parc de Totana Zarzadilla Sinks
  • Lorca's image will continue to consolidate in the nineteenth edition of Turismur held the weekend IFEPA (03/02/2010)
    The municipality will be present in 3 areas of the fairgrounds where different resources and promote tourism products
  • The second route of the "Bike and Nature," Lorca join with San Juan de los Terreros (03/02/2010)
    The tour will be about 40 kilometers, approximately, taking due to depart at 08:30 hours from the Sports Complex
  • The Socialist Party calls for the Mayor does not continue to delay the lighting of the residential housing for youth in Las Terreras (03/02/2010)
    According to the Socialist councilor, Isabel Casalduero, Francisco Jódar kept in the dark to neighbors for three months while looking for a hole to climb the spot to "get the picture"
  • García Aragón calls "injection of life" battery of investments worth more than 7 million that the Government of the PP is in the historical development (02/02/2010)
    The goal of the improvements is the revitalization of the urban area most traditional of the city, where are the Collegiate Church of San Patricio, Plaza of Spain and Cardinal District Belluga Craftsman, among others
  • Lorca Carnival starts on Saturday with a gala at the War Theater, which will be presented on Momo, the Muse and Queen of these parties (02/02/2010)

  • The second edition of "Flamenco at Lorca Taverns' take the best of flamenco song six local municipality (02/02/2010)
    The program will begin on Friday, February 5 at the Cultural Center, starring Natalia Mellado, and end on March 12 Lola Lorca and Juan Marin Zarzadilla de Totana
  • The V Day Cross Regional League and Clubs Regional Championship will be played next Sunday at La Torrecilla (02/02/2010)

  • Pilar Barnes Municipal Library until Friday welcomed the exposure of the UMU "From Darwin to the Scientific Basis" (02/02/2010)
    Councillor for Education of the City of Lorca, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, today opened the exhibition organized with the University of Murcia and to be visited by students Lorca.
  • Surprise by the statements of Ruiz Montalban who only months ago ensured that Lorca was ready for the analogue switch (02/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the Mayor to get involved in saving local television stations operating in Lorca (02/02/2010)

  • The Municipal Council of Women of Lorca opens the deadline for participation in the sixth photo contest "Daily life of women" (01/02/2010)
    Women Councilmember, Antonia Lopez, has announced that construction projects, which should cover any aspect to convey an image of a woman's daily life and the principles of gender equality can be submitted until March 1.
  • Open Enrolment of course weight room monitor (01/02/2010)

  • The municipal website of the Consistory Lorca,, received 1,982,447 visits in 2009 (01/02/2010)
    The websites of the council with more visits were those of the Department of Employment, Lorca-Informa, INJUDE and Planning Department.

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