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  • Mecca Morales asks you not to take the hair of Lorca (31/03/2011)

  • ... (31/03/2011)

  • One hundred people participating in the Fourth Conference on ICT's for Welfare and Health taking place today in Lorca (31/03/2011)

  • The War of Lorca Theatre hosts on 1 April at 18:00 hours Theatre Festival XIV Institutes of town (31/03/2011)

  • LIMUSA makes a profit for the third consecutive year, providing a savings to the municipal treasury of 600,000 euros (31/03/2011)
    Cost containment is again key to the successful outcome of the 2010 annual balance in the public company, of 418,000 euros, whose budget has already fallen to 2007 levels
  • Lorca hoped to 3,000 young people across Spain in the Scout Festival to celebrate the European Year of Volunteering (30/03/2011)
    NGO ASDE-Scouts of Spain held in May at the Festival Lorca Scout 2011 under the theme "Youth: Present and Future
  • The railway communication platform of Lorca allow employers to spread their products across Europe in a few days (30/03/2011)
    more convenient and cheap
  • The City Council requires payment of 500 euros to neighbors for a few works that have not even applied for (30/03/2011)
    The session also refuses to repair the road to place the stove in Rio, broken by works, because they say it "has finish the budget
  • UPyD calls on political parties to make public Lorca's budget campaign (30/03/2011)
    Juan Manuel Cabrera says it is "fair" that citizens can be critical to the job you are giving your money
  • A CiudaLor did not like the attitude of the council of UI in the opening ceremony of Vine Park (30/03/2011)

  • Lorca's mayor emphasizes the "consensus" of all the parties after the meeting with the Ministry of Development (29/03/2011)
    for the burial of the railway line
  • Medina regrets that the PSOE "continue going to the recovery of our historical heritage Lorca" (29/03/2011)

  • The Socialist Party calls on Jódar Lorca that "disallow" a Valcárcel in its attempt to establish the co-pay on health and education (29/03/2011)

  • CIUDALOR on PGMO (29/03/2011)

  • CiudaLor on the "Lorca in Motion" (29/03/2011)

  • 124 students presented the "I Certamen Learning Enterprise" involving 4 schools in our municipality (29/03/2011)

  • 80 cyclists took part on Sunday in the 2 nd route of the "Bike and Nature 2011" (29/03/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca refuses to attend the jury to award the project to rehabilitate the Palacio Guevara (29/03/2011)

  • Schools "Pasic Campillo and La Torrecilla" represent Lorca tomorrow in the regional final of "Playing athletics" (29/03/2011)

  • Carlos Garcia recounts Friday the lived experience during their participation in the "Yukon Artic" (29/03/2011)

  • The Chess Club Lorca triumphs at Regional old (29/03/2011)

  • Lorca Park La Vina opened with new petanque area and gerontogimnasia (28/03/2011)
    The Minister of Presidency and the Mayor of Lorca inaugurate the garden, after a deep reform work funded by the Autonomous Community of 240,000 euros
  • The construction works of the Comprehensive Security Center up to 85% of its execution, and will run during the month of May (28/03/2011)

  • The House declared work of special interest to the construction and commissioning of the steel tube maker (28/03/2011)
    which builds on the Range Noksel Saprelorca
  • The Full Council approves Lorca technical project to build a sewage collector (28/03/2011)
    which will run parallel to the Rambla de Biznaga
  • The full City Council unanimously supports Lorca's request to UNESCO (28/03/2011)
    for Easter Lorca is declared a World Heritage Site
  • The Community and the city of Lorca give preference to public transport in front of the car with the new 'Ebus' (28/03/2011)
    José Ballesta stresses that the system of 'intelligent traffic light priority', which has been implemented throughout the urban bus fleet municipality, "benefiting nearly one million passengers per year"
  • They claim that Jódar in a single day spent around 600 euros on a car in PA to announce an event (28/03/2011)

  • CiudaLor wants you to know the rental of new premises which houses the Informajoven (27/03/2011)

  • The Government delegate visits the NGO Casa Lorca (26/03/2011)
    will be the headquarters of more than two dozen municipal associations
  • González Tovar visit the Museum of the White Pass Business (25/03/2011)
    Revitalization Plan, which is part of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism has invested in improvements to the museum a total of 80,000 euros
  • CiudaLor want to clarify that funds has financed the publication of the booklets "clear accounts" (25/03/2011)

  • The City of Lorca is joining the initiative "Earth Hour" on Saturday, March 26 (25/03/2011)

  • This weekend we celebrate the final Regional Championship Chess ages Lorca (25/03/2011)

  • The City Council allocated 2.3 million euros for the full recovery of the church of Santa Maria, the jewel of Moorish art Lorca (25/03/2011)

  • The new Security Center Ramonete Territorial extends the safety net in Lorca (24/03/2011)
    The Minister of Justice and Public Safety and the Mayor inaugurated the police station, which focus their activities in the area of ​​the districts and provincial councils
  • Lorca complete its network of Regional Security and Emergency with the opening of CTS Ramonete (24/03/2011)
    has 12 local police and providing coverage to more than 2,100 citizens
  • Pioneering studies to determine the national level that is not polluted the underground vessel (24/03/2011)
    closed at the Center for Solid Waste Management Barranco Hondo
  • Ferra hot Jódar regrets that the meeting of the underground instead of thinking about what's best for the municipality (24/03/2011)

  • 1,080 students from 29 schools will participate in a plan Lorca against childhood obesity will take part (24/03/2011)
    It is an initiative that will work in a coordinated fashion schools, City Hall and the Campus, to to assess the situation among students in our municipal
  • CiudaLor welcomes the future installation of solar photovoltaic Central Lorca (24/03/2011)

  • CiudaLor Lorca compares to Venice (24/03/2011)
    "only lacks the shelves"
  • The PSOE imposes an "iron curtain 'around the Department of Planning (24/03/2011)

  • Encounters with author " (24/03/2011)
    María Menéndez-Ponte discuss his book" A plate of blandiblú "and" Pupi and the monster of shame "in meetings with the author
  • Socialist Youth Lorca Lorca encourages young people to join "Earth Hour" (23/03/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca requires cleaning and preserving the environment of Calvary (23/03/2011)
    for Councillor Isabel Casalduero, the abandonment and deterioration of this area is inappropriate for a Via Crucis which will soon be declared a Cultural
  • Lorca has a new center for 22 day stays dependent elderly (23/03/2011)
    was funded by the Foundation Poncemar and inaugurated today by the Minister for Social Policy, Women and Immigration
  • The regional government allocated nearly seven million euros to the health infrastructure in Lorca (22/03/2011)
    The Health Center will Lorca Sutullena Department of Radiology, Physical Therapist, Dental Hygienist and Dental, among others
  • Opened new Territorial Security Center Purias (22/03/2011)
    The facilities have been funded almost entirely by the regional government and will serve 5,000 citizens
  • Food Handler Course aimed at young people between 16 and 30 (22/03/2011)

  • The City Council and the club trails "La Carrasca" starting this Sunday walking routes within the program of activities in the natural environment (22/03/2011)

  • 19 students from the first batch of Health Emergency Technical Campus Lorca start their practices Ambulorca (22/03/2011)

  • The new Security Center Purias Territorial provides coverage to 5,000 citizens (22/03/2011)
    has a staff of 12 Police Local
  • Andaltia Lorca projected in the most central of photovoltaic solar energy production in the world (22/03/2011)
    Marin presents a draft of the business group will be able to generate electricity to power 200,000 homes and that its conclusion will employ 590 people directly
  • Athletes of the athletics club participated in the race Totana popular "fiestas de San Jose" de Lorca (22/03/2011)

  • The writer Grace Bialet part in the Encounters with author of "The Municipal Library Lorca (21/03/2011)
    " Encounters with author "
  • The Autonomous Community and the city of Lorca agree to the arrival of 'UNIBON' the town on 1 May (21/03/2011)
    Lorca is, after Murcia, the second town to enjoy the regional flat rate, which lowers the average price over ticket 17 per cent and will benefit about one million passengers a year
  • The autonomous begins work to improve road safety in the surroundings of the Rambla del Muerto de Lorca (21/03/2011)
    This project is part of the various projects that the regional government holds comprehensive information about design of the road connecting Lorca Totana Zarzadilla
  • The Community begins work to improve road safety in the surroundings of the Rambla del Muerto de Lorca (21/03/2011)
    This project is part of the various projects that the regional government holds comprehensive information about design of the road connecting Zarzadilla Lorca Totana
  • The Community and the city of Lorca agree to the arrival of 'UNIBON' the town on 1 May (21/03/2011)
    Lorca is, after Murcia, the second town to enjoy the regional flat rate, which lowers the average price of a ticket plus 17 per cent and will benefit about one million passengers a year
  • A CiudaLor not like the cartoon of Uncle Pencho "today (19/03/2011)

  • The restoration of the eighteenth-century church of San José planning to recover the original lighting of the church and its aisles (18/03/2011)

  • The City Council out to tender the management of the Center for Work-Life Family of La Hoya and Municipal Nursery School Sutullena (18/03/2011)

  • Lorca's The Living Library will be held tomorrow at the Plaza Real, representing 20 different cultures (18/03/2011)

  • Agreement on Implementation of UNIBON in the town of Lorca (18/03/2011)

  • Manuel Soler: "At this rate Jódar dismantle Lorca" (18/03/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca calls for the resignation of the Councillor for Citizen Security (18/03/2011)
    Almost a hundred local police officers expressed discomfort with the municipal government team is not going to the event to mark your employer
  • The City Council and the Community argued that the city railway station is between the entrance to the city of Apollonia and the stop of San Diego (17/03/2011)

  • Manuel Soler: "Lorca can not be an example of discrimination on women" (17/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor has said that it is unacceptable that LIMUSA workers earn less than their male counterparts and have a different collective agreement that bad for them
  • Location CiudaLor AVE step Lorca and proposed program (17/03/2011)

  • 70 Lorca housewives visit a manufacturing plant of broccoli to get their nutrition on the occasion of World Consumer Day (17/03/2011)

  • The sports complex is home to Europe later the local phase of the championship table tennis (17/03/2011)

  • Local police stops in the town for 3 people for assault in the last week (17/03/2011)

  • Morales denies allegations of sex discrimination (16/03/2011)
    "men and women of the same grade Limusa charge the same, which says the agreement"
  • Awards Competition III "Angels Pascual" (16/03/2011)

  • Tomorrow, the acts are closed to commemorate the nineteenth anniversary of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Lorca (16/03/2011)
    It has organized a series of conferences that ends with a lecture on "The Medieval jars Municipal Archaeological Museum Lorca
  • The new bypass road in Totana Zarzadilla increase road safety and improving communications with the parish (16/03/2011)
    This remodeling has received an investment of close to 200,000.
  • Lorca hosts 30 and 31 March the Fourth Conference on ICT for Social Welfare and Health (16/03/2011)

  • Audits, or Ebro transfer, closing the Tajo and now ... (16/03/2011)
    The PSOE has implemented a new "hack" of 8.2 million euros of the money sent to Lorca
  • Local Police aided Lorca care to 573 people in humanitarian action during 2010 (16/03/2011)

  • A new bypass reduce heavy traffic in the hamlet of Zarzadilla lorquina Totana (16/03/2011)
    The Ring has been launched today by the Minister of Presidency and Public Administration and the Mayor of Lorca
  • Jódar described as "excellent news" that the People's Party MEP has crippled the agricultural agreement between the European Union and Morocco (15/03/2011)

  • Lorca loses Mediterranean Food City (15/03/2011)
    The project never had the support of the Mayor of PP, Francisco Jodar, who opted for the nearby town of Totana
  • The City of Alameda Lorca installed in the Constitution an information table for the World Consumer Day (15/03/2011)

  • The district of San José welcomes its traditional Saturday race popular (15/03/2011)

  • Students and teachers of IES Ramón Arcas learn to care for her heart (14/03/2011)
    The conferences, which are open to the public, will take place throughout the week at the institute Lorca.
  • CiudaLor reporting the newly opened swimming pools in the neighborhood of San Antonio does not provide adequate service (14/03/2011)

  • Visit Lorca's first senior Israeli holding its implementation in Lorca studies with a business plan linked to campus (14/03/2011)

  • Lorca welcomed on Thursday the International Congress of Women in the Middle Ages, with the presence of fifty experts (14/03/2011)

  • The new primary care clinic will Marchena-art medical equipment (14/03/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca asks Jódar fulfill its commitments to the residents of La Torrecilla (14/03/2011)
    The hamlet is affected by the stoppage of the works of the doctor, poor conditions of some municipal roads or lack of storm water drainage that flood roads and neighboring properties
  • The Socialist Party calls for the move towards a decentralized municipal office and a stop to the new social center of Marchena (14/03/2011)
    Diego Ferra has asked to benefit from the opening of the new infrastructure that the Government of Spain through Plan E, has invested 400,000 euros
  • 250 auditors and agents of PP lorquino participate in a training day for the election of 22-M (13/03/2011)
    will be present on all tables of all polling stations
  • The University Campus is celebrating its first day of student living with the participation of 120 students (12/03/2011)

  • 2,500 pupils in primary education will participate in workshops Lorca (11/03/2011)
    about safe toys, playful learning and child protection in social networks
  • Initiating a pilot program to support pioneering family caregivers of dependent persons (11/03/2011)

  • Jódar lied: the works of the park of La Viña are stalled three weeks (11/03/2011)
    This is corroborated by two dozen neighbors who have focused this morning in protest at the suspension and aspects of project implementation
  • "And then come clean saying not enough in our city" (11/03/2011)
    The PP claims that Manuel Soler are pasting election posters on street furniture
  • Limusa extended to Santa Fe Jerome islets system for high density of population (11/03/2011)

  • On Tuesday, it opens the registration period for aquatic activities in the municipal indoor pools (11/03/2011)
    The enrollment period starts in swimming lessons for the April-June quarter this year
  • Anti-Violence Lorca taught in a lecture Parents also play (10/03/2011)

  • The City of Lorca alcohol kills 3,325 and 771 articles that were being sold illegally (10/03/2011)

  • The City Council will celebrate 150 years Lorca Theater War (10/03/2011)
    with two exhibitions, a book, a concert, four lectures, four radio programs and tours
  • The complaint of the City causes the rectified and CHS seconding the desalination water for irrigation bound (10/03/2011)

  • The Mayor of Lorca and the minister of the new President inaugurated Coy pond, which represents an investment of 114,000 euros from the CARM (09/03/2011)

  • The reform of the pond in the hamlet of Doña Inés lorquina improve rainwater collection for irrigation (09/03/2011)
    The Minister of Presidency and the Mayor of Lorca inaugurate the new infrastructure, which represents an investment of 114,000 euros
  • The PP Lorca describes as "absurd" allegations of Ciudalor (09/03/2011)

  • The City was awarded the Police Merit Cross 4 Local Police and rewards the work of four special units (09/03/2011)
    It is the distinctions that the city council presented at the Plaza of Spain on March 17 with commemorate the pattern of the local police (San Patricio)
  • The mayor announced a new investment of 118,000 € for the improvement of various streets in the hamlet of Almendricos (09/03/2011)

  • CiudaLor report an alleged "non-aggression pact" (09/03/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca denounced the suspension of works on many streets for lack of payment of the City Council (08/03/2011)
    are also paralyzed for two weeks work on the park of La Viña
  • The Lorca PSOE mayor brought a suit against libel and slander Lorca (08/03/2011)
    As of now the matter is in the courts and the new valuations will not PSOE policy on this issue until there is no judge's ruling
  • The City Council will set up a new green space and street entertainment district Apolonia Transformer for use and enjoyment of all residents (08/03/2011)

  • Wandering XXI century (08/03/2011)

  • CiudaLor requires PP and PSOE are able to sit at the table to find a solution to the modernization of irrigation in Tercia (07/03/2011)

  • The People's Party reaffirms its call for burying the entire railway line passing through Lorca (07/03/2011)
    Manuel Soler bow to Zapatero and waiving underground railroad
  • Manuel Soler asks Jódar focus its efforts on reaching an agreement with Public Works for the burial of the AVE (07/03/2011)

  • A photo contest will show the reality of multiple sclerosis patients (07/03/2011)

  • The University Campus in Lorca account today with a Youth Information Point Youth Activities (07/03/2011)

  • Lorca City Council prepare a Plan of Action for the Sustainable Energy (04/03/2011)
    to reduce at least 20% of CO2 emissions in our city before 2020
  • The Department of Health of the Municipality of Lorca in 2010 increased 7% health inspections from 2009 (04/03/2011)

  • Ten businessmen traveling to Algeria during a trade mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca (04/03/2011)

  • 'Expoestudio 2011' will be the first online exhibition of the Region (03/03/2011)

  • Mecca asked the representatives of PP and PSOE still not embarrassing and humiliating to their miseries Lorca policies " (03/03/2011)
    It is incomprehensible that these parties, major political leaders of the scourge of corruption, have not yet apologized and continue Lorca insulting with his classic phrase "And you more"
  • Lorca City Council request the UNESCO Declaration of World Heritage for the Semana Santa Lorca (03/03/2011)

  • PSOE: "Jódar is Lorca Ruiz Mateos. Sank the company and now is sinking the City" (03/03/2011)

  • The judokas Lorca, in the form (02/03/2011)
    lorquina delegation at the Second Regional Ranking Cadet Child and returns home with full of medals
  • The new Central Round Lorca will provide a strategic axis of communication with a capacity of 20,000 vehicles per day (02/03/2011)
    Community President presides over the signing ceremony of agreement to implement the first phase of this infrastructure
  • Jódar and PP rejected in Parliament to launch a genuine plan of austerity in Lorca (02/03/2011)

  • The Education Plan Road Lorca Local Police arrive during the course of more than 4,800 students (02/03/2011)

  • Jódar spent half a million pesetas to the municipal coffers at a dinner with eight Chinese businessmen (02/03/2011)
    In total, the city has had to pay a whopping 6,000 euros to pay for three meals with the delegation that visited China in July Lorca
  • The installation of 4,300 m2 of artificial turf on Lorca avoids the consumption of 31,390 m3 of water per year (02/03/2011)

  • The district of San José welcomes the March 19 race its traditional popular (02/03/2011)

  • They enter service 20 miles collecting drains of several councils of Lorca (02/03/2011)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca inaugurate the new water infrastructure that will lead to sewage treatment plant for treatment and reuse
  • Mecca Soler regrets that purports to be mayor in my spare time you leave your job as deputy to the Regional Assembly (01/03/2011)

  • García Aragón, "Soler's statements show his ignorance on tourism" (01/03/2011)

  • The artist Sergio Lorca Porlán out in the Palace of Guevara from tomorrow (01/03/2011)

  • UPyD develop an information campaign during the next few weeks (01/03/2011)

  • The project of revitalization of industrial land axis Lorca-Puerto Lumbreras includes initial development of 4 million m2 (01/03/2011)
    Later reach 10 million m2
  • The PSOE ensures that the deletion of the consortium LTT was dealt a blow to the aspirations tourist town (01/03/2011)

  • This evening takes place the last day of the phase inter-school sports (01/03/2011)

  • Marín inaugurates new premises of the SME Lorca El Gigante coincide with its 15 anniversary (01/03/2011)
    The Minister highlighted the efforts made by this company in innovation to create its own department in this area
  • PP: PSOE New aggression against the interests of our town " (01/03/2011)
    Zapatero takes from the Lorca 2.1 million euros by the rise of light and VAT
  • Manuel Soler lead the PSOE list in the constituency for the regional elections Guadalentín (01/03/2011)
    At number seven in the bid also included the Casalduero María Isabel Lorca, councilor of the PSOE.
  • The national presidential candidate of the New Generations, Beatriz Jurado, visit Lorca (01/03/2011)
    Francisco Jodar, Victor Martinez and Fernando López accompanied the candidate on the meeting he had with young fifty Murcia

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