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  • IU-Greens calling for an increase in the deficit of the region to rebuild Lorca (31/05/2011)
    Pujante opposes the establishment of a limit "as restrictive" and calls for priority to job creation in the Region
  • The Lorca Outreach Committee meets with representatives of the Municipality of Lorca (31/05/2011)
    The goal was to publicize the Committee's work and meet the immediate needs of the municipality of Murcia
  • 'Lorca are all' will participate in Tow, David Bisbal, Diego Martín Pignoise or (31/05/2011)
    The gala, whose proceeds will go to the Bureau for Development by Lorca, will be held June 16 at the stadium of La Condomina in Murcia
  • ... (31/05/2011)

  • The mayor receives a grant of 12,000 euros for the earthquake victims by the first mayor of Eagles (31/05/2011)

  • 5000 City Council disseminates information printed on the occasion of World Day Against Snuff " (31/05/2011)

  • The City Council has dealt with 7,500 cases and support for victims of earthquakes (31/05/2011)

  • Campos accompanied the Bishop of the city of Ambato (Ecuador) to visit the camp facilities or turret (30/05/2011)

  • The Government of Spain has allocated 2 million euros to repair the educational infrastructure affected by the earthquake of Lorca (30/05/2011)

  • Valcárcel: "The shrine of the Virgen de las Huertas is an essential part of the soul of Lorca" (30/05/2011)
    President-elect of the Community commends the work of the CAM after signing the agreement by which this case will cover the complete restoration of shrine of the patron saint of Lorca
  • The City Council receives the offer of Vodafone Foundation for the construction of new headquarters for the Early Intervention service (30/05/2011)

  • Orange will not charge customers affected by the earthquake Lorca (30/05/2011)
    suspend payment of ADSL services for three months to the victims who had to leave your home
  • IU-Greens calls for urgent resettlement plan for the victims who remain in the camps (30/05/2011)

  • Ecologists in Action calls to recycle the rubble of Lorca (30/05/2011)

  • The Community maintains active device and emergency care for those affected by earthquakes in Lorca (29/05/2011)
    A team of almost 500 people and 243 vehicles from the regional government have participated daily in the security plan, to join the human and materials from local and national services
  • The Community commends emergency services and fire for the "excellent work and dedication" in Lorca (28/05/2011)
    The Minister of Justice and Public Safety visited the Lorca park firefighters and effective safety device in the camp of La Torrecilla
  • The Flamenco Solidarity supports Lo Ferro Lorca (28/05/2011)
    On the occasion of the earthquake in the neighboring municipality of Lorca, and to show solidarity with its inhabitants, the Festival de Cante Flamenco de Lo Ferro gave him his backing last night with a show Flamenco and Copla
  • Education adjust the deadline for students from the Conservatory of Music in Lorca (28/05/2011)
    The students in this middle classes resumed on Monday morning shift and afternoon special
  • The Commission finds the good condition of the bridges on regional roads after the earthquake Lorca (28/05/2011)
    have inspected the structures located on roads that connect the city center with Eagles Lorca, La Parroquia, Puri and Campico of López
  • Lorca will host an international seminar in autumn Estate Recovery (27/05/2011)
    Cross stresses that the restoration "will become an attraction for professionals in this field as for the tourism sector"
  • Various institutions and social organizations created the Committee for Aid to Lorca sponsored by the Volunteers Platform Murcia (27/05/2011)
    The goal is to coordinate the volunteer work that is being developed by social organizations from the earthquakes of 11 May
  • Football Federation of Murcia delivery to the mayor raised 550,000 euros in the match Real Madrid vs Murcia selection (27/05/2011)
    The Athletic Lorca Francisco Jódar also delivers a donation of EUR 5197.5 which account for half of the box office this meeting team against Estepona
  • Four Italian experts advise on the rehabilitation of the heritage of the city (27/05/2011)

  • A delegation of six companies travel to Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia during a trade mission (27/05/2011)

  • Two million for works in the schools damaged by earthquakes Lorca (27/05/2011)

  • The Red Cross Community and coordinate care for those affected in Lorca (27/05/2011)

  • HOLCIM donates 250,000 euros in materials for the restoration of cultural property interest in Lorca damaged by earthquakes (27/05/2011)

  • IU-Greens calls for the increased deficit to rebuild and fight unemployment Lorca (27/05/2011)

  • Peñarrubia asked the government for damages and damages caused by the earthquake of Lorca (27/05/2011)
    through a battery of written questions tabled in the Senate Record
  • The editor works Tres Fronteras morning in Madrid with the initiative 'The book of Lorca' (27/05/2011)

  • Red Cross in the Region of Murcia receives the Silver Cross of Social Solidarity Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equal (26/05/2011)
    For his performance in the earthquake of Lorca
  • Llamazares (IU) considered "insufficient" aid to the victims of the earthquakes of Lorca (26/05/2011)
    The congressman, who voted for the decree, calls for its passage as a bill to improve certain aspects
  • "Volleyball is to Lorca" (26/05/2011)
    find volleyball charity to support earthquake victims in Lorca
  • UPTA require Manuel Campos desastivación withdraw its request for EMU (26/05/2011)
    The work of clearing debris, shoring and sanitation have not yet finished Lorca and many businesses can not reopen
  • Congress passes the validation of the Royal Decree governing aid to repair damage caused by earthquakes in Lorca (26/05/2011)
    and open the door to extend the measures
  • The City Council urges UI to look no problems where none exist, "and that coordination between administrations is to be exemplary" (26/05/2011)

  • This afternoon are delivered the Cross of the Order of Social Solidarity (26/05/2011)
    the agencies and institutions that faced the effects of earthquakes in Lorca
  • The PP achieved that Congress treated as Bill via emergency aid Lorca (26/05/2011)
    Pilar Barreiro says they will defend all amendments seeking to ensure "aid, speed and agility" required by the situation, and help "to avoid instances of rogue"
  • The Community is working on obtaining European funds for economic recovery of Lorca (26/05/2011)
    The Minister of Finance Meets with Mayor of Lorca to address the possible ways of obtaining resources from the ESF and ERDF funding for the municipality lorquino
  • CiudaLor makes an assessment of the results of the elections (26/05/2011)

  • The City Council convened the process of recruitment of 41 unemployed people in new employment programs for the rehabilitation of urban areas (25/05/2011)
    These projects, known OPEA EmpleaT and "You and your neighborhood, complement the extraordinary employment plan approved by the Regional Government
  • Reuniún JSP Board Murcia (25/05/2011)

  • Established in Lorca the Joint Committee for Earthquake (25/05/2011)
    Determine the amount of aid for reconstruction, rehabilitation or repair of housing
  • The Flamenco Solidarity Lo Ferro gets to work (25/05/2011)

  • PSOE Lorca Press after the election results of municipal elections held last Sunday (25/05/2011)

  • UPyD in Lorca reaffirms its commitment to continue working for the citizens (24/05/2011)
    despite not having had enough support to be represented in city council
  • The Central Union of Irrigation Tajo-Segura restored Convento de Santa Ana and Magdalena de Clares, destroyed by earthquakes (24/05/2011)

  • The City is processing more than 1,500 applications for aid to rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses damaged by earthquakes (24/05/2011)
    The appointment for the two offices established in the Cultural Centre and the Centre for Local Development can be ordered both online telephone 900 117 816
  • CCOO values ​​granting the Silver Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity to various groups and institutions Lorca (24/05/2011)
    and the Region of Murcia
  • Tomorrow is the Joint Commission for aid by the earthquakes of Lorca (24/05/2011)

  • Association founded "Lorca May 11" in defense and vindication of the rights of those affected by the earthquakes of Lorca (24/05/2011)

  • Valcárcel and Barreiro Jódar defend agree with Congress that business damaged by the earthquake also receive assistance Lorca (23/05/2011)

  • The Minister of Social Policy believes that the 72 largest in the Estate of San Diego could return in a month and a half to Lorca (23/05/2011)
    temporarily be housed in the center of Asprodes, whose facilities suffered no structural damage
  • Voter turnout in Lorca stands at 48.57% at 18:00 pm (22/05/2011)

  • Participation in Lorca in local and regional elections today reached 34.63% at 14:00 (22/05/2011)
    I have exercised their right to vote 20,441 of the 59,030 electors in the municipality
  • Lorca voters could not vote by mail has not received the documents can do it today (22/05/2011)

  • Consisting of 102 uneventful polling Lorca (22/05/2011)

  • The technical equipment of the City manage the assurance Lorca buildings with 3,000 daily props (21/05/2011)
    Middle hundred companies participated in the first tasks of securing buildings selflessly
  • The City Council has already dealt with five hundred cases of aid to rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses (21/05/2011)
    The 35 positions authorized in their first day of operation has served some 1,200 victims of the earthquake and managed another 900 Appointments
  • Murcia Civil Protection provides emergency device for the next few weeks (20/05/2011)
    EMU will continue to petition the Government Lorca Murcia
  • 40 personnel of other local governments and the Autonomous Community reinforcing equipment intended to resolve doubts on the street (20/05/2011)

  • The Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Equal decorates the groups that faced the effects of the earthquake in Lorca (20/05/2011)
    HM the Queen will preside over the ceremony on Thursday 26 May at the Palacio de la Zarzuela
  • The Government of Spain earmarks 2 million euros to repair the educational infrastructure affected by the earthquake of Lorca (20/05/2011)

  • The Ministry of Culture implements various measures to recover the cultural heritage of Lorca (20/05/2011)
    Restoration work will be developed by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain in collaboration with the Autonomous Community of Murcia and City Council
  • Caritas manage the Food Bank of Santa Quiteria for those affected by the earthquake of Lorca (20/05/2011)

  • Valcárcel appreciates "the significant effort" CajaMurcia to assume the full cost of the restoration of the Church of San Patricio de Lorca (20/05/2011)
    Murcia The Chief Executive chaired today the signing of the addendum to the cooperation agreement between the Community Foundation Cajamurcia, the Diocese of Cartagena and Lorca Town Hall
  • The City Council is running two offices of aid management for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses damaged by the earthquake (20/05/2011)

  • Valcárcel announces the grant of three million to hire the unemployed to recover public spaces damaged by earthquakes in Lorca (20/05/2011)
    The Governing Council approved an institutional statement of thanks for the help to those affected by earthquakes
  • Sign Joint Operating Office of Lorca for aid and measures earthquakes (20/05/2011)
    is integrated into state government officials, regional and local
  • The University of Murcia taking steps to mitigate the effects of earthquakes of Lorca (20/05/2011)

  • Three million to hire the unemployed to regain public areas most damaged by earthquakes in Lorca (20/05/2011)

  • Institutional statement of thanks for the help to those affected by earthquakes in Lorca (20/05/2011)

  • Manuel Soler thanked the Central Union Irrigation launching the "Lorca cent solidarity with" (20/05/2011)
    The Scrats raise about two million euros to support the earthquake victims
  • Satisfaction PSOE because Jódar has accepted his proposal to create a table to channel donations for the earthquake (20/05/2011)
    The mayoral candidate, Manuel Soler, ask Jódar make that body more participatory to not let outside parties of the Opposition, the Federation of Neighborhood Associations, the affected platforms and other NGOs
  • The next election day will be held May 22 with normal total (20/05/2011)
    All polling stations in Lorca will be entitled to the elections on Sunday 22 May.
  • Valcárcel calls the 'Bureau of Solidarity "to channel the donations that come to Lorca to mitigate the effects of earthquakes (20/05/2011)
    This working group, chaired by the chief executive, will include representatives of the regional administration and local and NGO Caritas, Red Cross and the consuls of Morocco and Ecuador
  • The Minister of Justice and Public Safety visits the firehouse Lorca (19/05/2011)

  • The National President of the Spanish Red Cross visits the refugee camp of La Torrecilla (19/05/2011)

  • Elena Salgado urges financial institutions to take account of families and businesses affected by the earthquake of Lorca (19/05/2011)

  • PP: "The PSOE has removed the mask: Lorca cares not only elections" (19/05/2011)
    García Aragón: "After the local PSOE take days campaigning after the earthquake, now it hurts that people go to vote . Why do not they want the Socialists that Lorca exercise their democratic right to vote? "
  • Lorca City Council appreciates all the caring support received after the earthquake of May 11 (19/05/2011)

  • The Insurance Compensation Consortium has managed 14,600 and earthquake records Lorca (19/05/2011)
    is estimated a total of 30,000 records, with an approximate cost of 70 million euros for the Consortium
  • The rent subsidies to families with houses Lorca damaged or destroyed by earthquakes reach 6,671 per year (19/05/2011)
    Valcárcel, Rubalcaba and Lorca's mayor signed the agreement which governs rent aid to disaster victims who manage the Government regional and 50 per cent funded by the State and the Community
  • The City Council urges Lorca Lorca to hire professionals and companies in the municipality for reconstruction (19/05/2011)

  • Regional Collection Agency implements support measures in the payment of debts to the victims of Lorca (19/05/2011)

  • Education extended deadlines in the process of admission of pupils to schools in Lorca (19/05/2011)
    Students of the most damaged by the earthquake are incorporated into the classroom, on the afternoon shift, with a bus service authorized by the Ministry
  • IU-Greens Lorca claims that the PP is calling for the vote to displaced Lorca Eagles (19/05/2011)

  • The restoration of the church of San Cristobal de Lorca will be financed by the Community of Valencia (19/05/2011)

  • Lorca 8,352 homes spread over 1,544 buildings have the red or yellow (19/05/2011)

  • ... (19/05/2011)

  • Culture stands at more than 50 million works of recovery and rehabilitation of the Lorca (19/05/2011)
    The Minister Pedro Alberto Cruz said that "we want Lorca is an innovation lab and recovery of assets, making the need under"
  • PSOE: "The City Council led to believe Princess neighboring building would have to run with the 900,000 euros it costs to demolish the building" (19/05/2011)
    Les gave a resolution of the mayor of PP, Jódar Francisco, which ordered them to involved the demolition of the building in one hour
  • Perez Rubalcaba Lorca visit the police station of the National Police and Civil Guard barracks (19/05/2011)
    The damage forced it to evacuate 29 homes
  • The Ministry of Interior, the Region of Murcia and Lorca City Council signed an agreement to manage aid to earthquake victims (19/05/2011)
    Interior Ministry and the Autonomous Community of Murcia funded at 50% the cost of aids
  • The University of Murcia held tomorrow by the Governing Council in Lorca in solidarity with earthquake victims (19/05/2011)

  • The forensic team of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Murcia acted in record time after the earthquake of Lorca (19/05/2011)

  • The rent subsidies to families with houses Lorca damaged or destroyed by earthquakes reach 6,671 per year (19/05/2011)
    Valcárcel, Rubalcaba and Lorca's mayor signed the agreement which governs rent aid to disaster victims who manage the Government regional and 50 per cent funded by the State and the Community
  • UPTA requires authorities to aid earthquake victims self Lorca (18/05/2011)
    "The agreement signed yesterday between the government and autonomous region has left out the hundreds of freelancers who have gone out of business"
  • Campos stressed the "perfect coordination of the troops to move successfully to more than 1,000 affected unified camp" (18/05/2011)
    The Minister of Justice and Public Safety says the relocation of those affected by the earthquake is "an important advance for Lorca recover normal activity as soon as possible "
  • Valcárcel shows solidarity with cooperatives and social economy enterprises affected by the earthquakes Lorca (18/05/2011)
    In the seminar on financial instruments Ucomur
  • The Consortium of Insurance has received 14,326 cases, of which 23 are already closed (18/05/2011)
    makers of these 23 cases will be charged next week
  • Current state of sports facilities after the earthquake (18/05/2011)
    After an initial assessment of damage and damage caused by the earthquake last Wednesday, reported the state of sports facilities
  • Lorca and his recovery is the protagonist of In the Spotlight (18/05/2011)
    7RM looks back a week later the consequences of earthquakes and talk to the protagonists
  • The Community and the City will implement tax benefits for those affected by the earthquake (18/05/2011)
    Gas Natural is proceeding with the return of general service sectors of the city
  • The technical focus their efforts on curbing the deterioration of red buildings and review the latest hit buildings in two parishes near the city center (18/05/2011)
    Gas Natural is proceeding with the return of general service sectors of the city
  • Five polling stations will be installed in tents Lorca (18/05/2011)
    For the damage to their usual locations
  • The Community will implement tax benefits for those affected by earthquakes (18/05/2011)
    Citizens can access various regional deductions and tax breaks for the rehabilitation, acquisition or donation of housing
  • The assessment is completed Community social housing damaged by the earthquake of Lorca and began his rehabilitation (18/05/2011)
    The 22 social houses and 19 Cañada Morales of San Pedro have already received the green code
  • Fecoam has delivered over 30 tons of products from their partners and more than 35,000 euros in joint account (18/05/2011)
    to help the victims of Lorca
  • Health vaccinate people staying in the camp of victims of La Torrecilla (17/05/2011)
    The Ministry of Health works from the beginning of the earthquake to ensure sanitary conditions of the population
  • Despite all efforts to save the Princess Building and the street number 3 of the Civil Guard, tomorrow will have to be demolished (17/05/2011)
    Up to 6 visits were made by members of the Task 0 to try to save these buildings, but it was impossible to recover
  • Schneider and Sun Power Andaltia cooperating in the development of photovoltaic solar power plant in Europe's largest Lorca (17/05/2011)
    Jódar Marin and preside over the act of accession of these two leading companies in the electro-energy sector that will help make the city a center international renewable energy industry
  • Schools Lorca slowly recovering with the assistance activity today than 66 percent of students (17/05/2011)
    A total of 5,000 students have attended the centers, Primary and Secondary on the second day of class after earthquake
  • "Lie, and know they lie! Or like being able to do anything to keep the government Lorca" (17/05/2011)
    by Gloria Martín Rodríguez, a member of the Socialist Group, and Head of Press Lorquin PSOE in Lorca.
  • Phone will not charge customers Lorca having to leave your home for a while because of the earthquake (17/05/2011)
    The company offers new aid to earthquake victims in Murcia
  • Blanco signing with the President of Murcia and Lorca's mayor agreement to manage the aid of rehabilitation (17/05/2011)
    The agreement would facilitate and expedite the processing of aid for housing rehabilitation approved last Friday
  • Cross encourages fans to "fill the stadium" in the party selection Murcia-Real Madrid for the victims of Lorca (17/05/2011)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism announced in the coming months will generate a schedule "to keep alive the spirit of Lorca "
  • Classes of the Municipal School of Music and Art and the People's University suspended for earthquake damage (17/05/2011)

  • The Home Secretary said yesterday that the period within which to aid those affected by the earthquake would be a month (17/05/2011)
    This time period may be extended if necessary
  • "Solidarity Campaign with Lorca" (17/05/2011)
    Solidarity with the people of Lorca has exceeded all expectations and, at the moment, the Spanish Red Cross has enough food to meet the needs of those affected by the earthquake
  • Community, City, Ceclor and Hostelor constitute the Standing Committee for the standardization work in the hospitality sector in Lorca (17/05/2011)
    The Board will meet every day for optimal coordination of the work towards the standardization of tourism and hospitality sector
  • The City Council last-minute reports on the review of housing and the restoration of services (17/05/2011)
    The City has tripled the information tables throughout the village to provide all relevant information to the neighbors
  • The Community enables a transport device for transporting 4,000 people a unified camp (17/05/2011)
    The move will take place in this day and will be held at the sports area of ​​La Torrecilla
  • The PSOE Cajamar congratulated for its decision to establish a moratorium on the payment of claims to those affected by the earthquake (17/05/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor, Manuel Soler, who on Sunday asked the financial institutions adopting this Such measures have been asked to "sets an example"
  • Manuel Soler suggests the City Council the waiver of fees for building permits and free projects for earthquake victims (17/05/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor also called on the universities of Murcia and Cartagena to postpone entrance exams students Lorca
  • The latest Community preferential lines of support for SMEs and businesses affected by the earthquakes Lorca (16/05/2011)
    Marin proposed a plan for Standardization of business and commercial activities of Lorca and announced negotiations with financial institutions to defer loan payments at no cost Additional
  • Llamazares appeals for solidarity with Lorca as a social model against the crisis (16/05/2011)

  • Community Development City of Lorca and establish a permanent information system to retrieve the assets (16/05/2011)
    Director General of Fine Arts visited, along with the deputy director of the Ministry of Development Aid, some of the damaged historical buildings
  • President Valcárcel visit health infrastructure Health Area III Lorca (16/05/2011)
    resumes service activity of Hematology, Medical Day Hospital and Laboratory of Hospital Rafael Méndez Routine after the earthquakes
  • All students of elementary and primary public schools will attend classes from next Wednesday (16/05/2011)
    The Ministry sets new shifts and temporary placements in other schools so that students can return to the classroom
  • The Secretary of Interior visits the Civil Guard and National Police in Lorca (16/05/2011)
    also has toured the neighborhood of La Viña, along with the delegate of the Government and the Director General of Civil Defense and Emergencies
  • The Secretary of Interior and the Director General of Civil Protection and Emergency Lorca visited this afternoon (16/05/2011)
    visited the district of La Viña, along with the mayor and the delegate of the Government
  • Start the restoration of natural gas in the homes of Lorca not damaged by earthquakes (16/05/2011)
    The Minister of Universities and Research Company holds a meeting with the distribution company HC Energy is committed to helping rebuild the facilities damaged homes
  • Information for users: primary (16/05/2011)

  • Tourism approves urgent measures for the hotels in Lorca can resume their activity (16/05/2011)
    Throughout the week allocated 200,000 euros of aid between the companies damaged by the earthquake
  • Start the restoration of natural gas in the homes of Lorca not damaged by earthquakes (16/05/2011)
    The Minister of Universities and Research Company holds a meeting with the distribution company HC Energy is committed to helping rebuild the facilities damaged homes
  • Joint statement of the political parties who attend the elections next May 22 (16/05/2011)

  • 75% of the 4,100 buildings are now habitable Lorca (16/05/2011)

  • The Chamber of Commerce Lorca (16/05/2011)

  • Lorca has the support of the Boy Scouts of Murcia (16/05/2011)

  • The Socialist Party of Lorca, wants to highlight the following (16/05/2011)

  • Citizens of Lorca, CiudaLor, wants to send the entire population lorquina a message of encouragement and optimism (16/05/2011)
    face of the desolation and hopelessness that has invaded us all after the catastrophe.
  • The Community install an Office of Psychological Care for the victims of the earthquakes of Lorca (15/05/2011)
    Psychologists from across the region to help victims overcome the trance, and have already served more than 300 people
  • Salgado met with economic and social aspects of Lorca to analyze the measures taken by the Government of Spain (15/05/2011)
    The provisional estimate of the Insurance Compensation Consortium on earthquake damage around 75 million euros
  • The Health Center San Diego Lorca and Emergency Department of Primary Care opened its doors tomorrow (15/05/2011)
    Patients assigned to the Health Center-South Lorca receive attention in the Mental Health in the afternoon
  • Real Madrid CF, with Murcia and Lorca (15/05/2011)
    The Real Madrid CF host a party for the benefit of those affected by the earthquakes of Lorca this Wednesday, May 18 at 20:00 pm in New Condomina Stadium
  • 23 schools in the municipality of Lorca open its doors tomorrow to resume classes (15/05/2011)
    The president of the Community together with the Minister of Education, Training and Employment and the Mayor of Lorca, today visited the premises of IES Martín Ibáñez
  • Valcárcel Salgado calls on Brussels to ask the European Solidarity Fund to mitigate the effects of earthquakes in Lorca (15/05/2011)
    The head of the regional Holcim announced that the company settled in Lorca is committed to ensure the full reconstruction of the church Santiago
  • Salgado met with economic and social Lorca (15/05/2011)
    has promised a greater number of agents of the insurance pool to expedite the process and the enlargement of the initial estimate if necessary
  • Lorca City Council opens three more offices of information for those affected by the earthquake (15/05/2011)
    Top tables from Thursday at the Plaza of Spain are transferred to the municipal offices of the Cadastre in the lobby of City Hall
  • Valcárcel Salgado calls on Brussels to ask the European Solidarity Fund to mitigate the effects of earthquakes in Lorca (15/05/2011)
    The head of the regional Holcim announced that the company settled in Lorca is committed to ensure the full reconstruction of the church Santiago
  • The City Council decreed the demolition of the building Grail in the La Viña (15/05/2011)
    The four families of the first housing considered unrecoverable after the earthquake are relocated with family and housing offered by the municipal services
  • CCOO Vice Salgado poses for policy proposals in Lorca (15/05/2011)
    CCOO Regional Secretary for the area Guadalentín, Enrique González, met this morning with the Second Deputy
  • United Left Greens Lorca suspends all election campaign activities (15/05/2011)

  • Begoña García Valcárcel Retegui calls to tell people what is going to allocate resources to Lorca (15/05/2011)
    The Socialist candidate said that the Ministry of Finance should be working, along with the Public Works, Health, Education and the Industry, to make a special plan for Lorca
  • Manuel Soler calls on banks and a moratorium on the repayment of loans and mortgages for the victims of the earthquake (15/05/2011)

  • It has restored access to homes in more than 61% of those affected by the earthquake (14/05/2011)
    code red in 80 buildings remain less than half this morning
  • The 112 creates a counseling office in Santa Quiteria (14/05/2011)

  • The City Council requests that do not park in areas closed for the cleanup and debris removal (14/05/2011)
    is necessary to respect the areas marked with buoys and safety belts and the surroundings to facilitate the return to normal
  • Letter from Manuel Soler citizens Lorca (14/05/2011)

  • It has restored access to housing by 60% of those affected by the earthquake (14/05/2011)
    code red in 431 buildings remaining 12% of total
  • Work is progressing recovery of Lorca's Heritage (14/05/2011)
    Valcárcel President said after his visit to the Heritage properties affected by the earthquakes that "we must cling to hope and know we're in good hands"
  • Health reminds people how to relocate the primary care services after the earthquakes of Lorca (14/05/2011)
    Murcia Health Service, through the Emergency Management of the Region remain operational during the next week an assistive device composed of 64 professional
  • The 1-1-2 serves nearly 8,000 phone calls by earthquakes in Lorca (14/05/2011)
    The Emergency Coordination Centre in the Region of Murcia managed the care of nearly one thousand incidents of earthquakes in Lorca
  • Hundreds of people and companies offer to help earthquake victims (13/05/2011)
    The 1-1-2 receives hundreds of calls from people who want to collaborate with their work, their businesses and homes
  • Health reorganizing primary care services in the municipality of Lorca (13/05/2011)
    The Health Center of San Diego will be operational next week, Lorca Center moved to Santa Rosa de Lima and La Viña Mental Health
  • The Phone Hope is present in the device Psychologists who deal with victims of earthquake in Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • The regional government is focusing its efforts to restore normalcy as soon as possible in schools affected by the earthquake (13/05/2011)
    The Community reimbursed to the students of the most affected in later shifts and other centers of the area
  • The assessment of the buildings will end today and half of the Lorca family will spend tonight at home (13/05/2011)
    48 percent of buildings have been marked with green color, 40 percent with the yellow color and 12 percent with the red, but not necessarily have to be demolished
  • The Ministry of Culture will participate as a matter of urgency in the restoration of cultural heritage damaged by the earthquake of Lorca (13/05/2011)
    through the Emergency Unit and Risk Management
  • Urgent measures to repair the damage caused by earthquakes in Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • Agricultural cooperatives continue their act of solidarity with earthquake victims in Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • Cajamar offices will open this afternoon and tomorrow to expedite the claim part of the Insurance Pool (13/05/2011)

  • Ecologists in Action in solidarity with the people Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • Information Note for those affected by the earthquake (13/05/2011)

  • Movistar not charge for calls and SMS to earthquake victims in Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • ATA calls for the reduction of the tax modules for those affected by the earthquake in Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • Leche Pascual to help victims of Lorca through the Food Bank of Murcia (13/05/2011)

  • The Government of Spain continues to send troops to Lorca (13/05/2011)
    The Government delegate to the staff that the State continues today in Lorca.
  • The University of Murcia resumed classes on campus next Monday Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • CiudaLor the disaster area declaration for Lorca (12/05/2011)

  • The Santa Quiteria fairgrounds host tomorrow starting at 11:00 the funeral for the deceased (12/05/2011)
    serve as a tribute to all victims of earthquakes
  • ASAJA Murcia conveys condolences and solidarity with the people of Lorca (12/05/2011)

  • The Board of Spokesmen, at a meeting held in the afternoon, by consensus, agreed to publish the following: (12/05/2011)

  • The Community and the City Council have reviewed 40 percent of the buildings in Lorca (12/05/2011)
    José Ballesta explains that "for the development of the work, has divided the city into a grid of 26 areas of evaluation, and currently available information from 19 of them and we have reviewed a total of 542 buildings "
  • Cross describes the damage of earthquakes of Lorca as "the greatest catastrophe in Europe since the assets destroyed Assisi (12/05/2011)
    The Ministry of Culture launches urgent consolidation of the historic properties affected
  • Damage to the administration of Lorca prevent them from providing support services and appointments in the remainder of the income year 2010 (12/05/2011)
    The Tax Office will call to taxpayers who have an appointment to redirect people Lorca and Murcia Mula
  • FACUA CONSUMUR and add to the request of the Mayor of Lorca in order to be declared a disaster area (12/05/2011)
    CONSUMUR has received the first call involved through Service Telephone Consumer and User Organisation: 968 22 30 82
  • Fecoam delivering products of the cooperatives to earthquake victims in Lorca (12/05/2011)

  • Press CROEM on Lorca (12/05/2011)

  • The Ministry of Culture, with its Emergency Unit and Risk Management of Cultural Heritage, provides support and technical advice to Lorca (12/05/2011)
    have been moved to the town of Murcia the Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Rights and the deputy director of the Institute Cultural Heritage of Spain
  • Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Carme Chacon flew over the area damaged by the earthquakes (12/05/2011)
    Lorca EMU has brought 448 people and 280 more
  • More than a hundred technical reviews for two hours all the buildings affected by the earthquake of Lorca (12/05/2011)
    work teams prohibit or authorize total or partial access to buildings in terms of whether or not structural damage
  • Party (02:00 pm) was maintained at eight the number of fatalities in the earthquake of Lorca (12/05/2011)
    medical services have treated 167 wounded, three of them very serious, admitted to the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, and the rest , of varying
  • It is the State Coordinating Committee of the State Seismic Plan (11/05/2011)
    At the headquarters of the Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Health vacates the Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca as a precaution before the two earthquakes this afternoon (11/05/2011)
    care of injured patients and is guaranteed by other hospitals in nine health areas that make up the Health Map of the Region
  • The municipal electric service reports urge that does not place any advertising banner of political parties (10/05/2011)
    "because they pose a danger and can knock down lampposts"
  • The City accelerates the onset of construction of the Artisan Quarter (09/05/2011)
    represents an investment of 5.5 billion euros and will have parking for 112 vehicles
  • About two thousand young people gather in Lorca in the Scout Festival 2011 (07/05/2011)
    The meeting is held on 7 and 8 May and aims to promote youth participation and environmental protection
  • UPyD and PP in Lorca like to express its full rejection to the placement of advertising campaign by the PSOE and IU where not permitted (06/05/2011)
    Today has dawned the streets of the city plastered with posters of PSOE and IU on walls and street furniture breach of electoral law and municipal law on this subject
  • The folklore lorquino supports rare diseases (06/05/2011)

  • Road marín (05/05/2011)

  • Residents of Tejares gully complain of neglect suffered by the City (05/05/2011)
    Ana Lario has agreed with them that if the PSOE won the elections next May 22 will launch a gully rehabilitation plan of Tejares
  • May is the month of archeology in the "Lorca Taller del Tiempo", about the excavations of the Jewish quarter of the Castle (04/05/2011)
    20,000 people have visited this site which is excavating and consolidating
  • Lorca reduces the number of unemployed by 1.71% in April, up from Spain and the rest of the Region (04/05/2011)
    Employment Councilwoman City of Lorca, Lali Ibarra, noted that "in the last year Lorca unemployment increased by only 0.63%, while in Spain grew by 3.06% and the rest of the region a 4.21% "
  • The City Council will have to repay grants worth 120,000 euros because the PP has not implemented the projects (04/05/2011)
    The Lorca will also pay out of pocket more than 12,000 euros in interest on late payments.
  • Objective: To carry the message to all corners of the municipality (04/05/2011)
    Lorca's PB 75 acts take place within the municipal election campaign
  • The Paradiso Cinema Club screened two films in May and an Oscar nominee (03/05/2011)

  • Concern among students Lorca "Erasmus" because the regional government of the PP has not paid its portion of the grant (03/05/2011)

  • UPyD presented to the voters list that attends the upcoming municipal elections May 22. (01/05/2011)


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