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  • The Joint Commission approves aid for homes damaged by earthquakes worth 815,000 euros (31/03/2015)
    Today's meeting raises authorized a total of over 79.3 million euros economic pillar
  • The City Council has a special device circulating in the district of San Cristóbal (31/03/2015)
    occasion of the procession of the meeting organized by the Incarnate Paso
  • Marisol Sanchez: "Vecinos del Barrio de San Pedro, the forgotten and hurt by the Government of the People's Party" (31/03/2015)

  • The "Tournament Easter" of Lorca Youth Football Club will bring together more than 300 children on the premises of Francisco Artes Carrasco (31/03/2015)

  • Over 300 major Lorca participate from 6 to April 10 II Sample Activities for Active Ageing (31/03/2015)

  • XXI Sports Gala (30/03/2015)

  • The Center for Sports Modernization Beach Volleyball Lorca will become a world reference in this Olympic discipline (30/03/2015)
    The Minister José Gabriel Ruiz inaugurated the facility will attract 50,000 people annually
  • Over 15,000 Lorca benefit of urban redevelopment of neighborhoods Alfonso X and San José (30/03/2015)
    Counselors Francisco Barnabas and Pedro Antonio Sánchez inaugurate the improvements, which involves an investment of 8.1 million
  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Presidential Advisor inaugurated the Center for Sports Modernization Beach Volleyball to host the Spanish selection (30/03/2015)
    The facilities include 8358 meters spread over 4 outdoor courts, a residence for sports, fitness, green areas and an internal development
  • The City of Lorca distributes 12,000 euros Contest VIII Business Initiatives five projects Lorca entrepreneurs (30/03/2015)

  • 95 pupils conclude dozen other training programs for employment scheme Lorca Lorca + Plan (30/03/2015)
    financed by the Government of Spain
  • Mateos proposes the creation of "teams where neighbors, along with government agencies and companies involved in the design and execution of works" (30/03/2015)

  • A total of 35 high ability students participating in extracurricular first two workshops in Lorca (29/03/2015)
    The Region has 2,659 students enrolled in gifted schools, 882 primary, 1,444 in secondary and 333 in Baccalaureate
  • 149,000 euros for training projects Campus of International Excellence Mare Nostrum (27/03/2015)

  • The Cavalry Squadron of the Civil Guard escort tomorrow afternoon at Our Lady of Sorrows in procession (26/03/2015)

  • The municipal cleaning device for Easter has 15 vehicles and 90 workers (26/03/2015)
    The sand on the Avenida Juan Carlos I will run in the early morning of Good Friday.
  • 13,000 parking spaces are available to Lorca and visitors during the Holy Week in the city (26/03/2015)
    Highlights parking Institutes and Ibáñez Giner Ros Martin, Huerto de la Rueda, along the Camino Marin Development Center Local and near the Colegio Juan Gonzalez
  • Cortes of traffic on the city for the processions of Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Palm Sunday (26/03/2015)

  • Response to IU (26/03/2015)

  • UPyD Lorca is concerned about the "precarious employment" in the city and reducing social services (25/03/2015)

  • The municipal logistical arrangements for Easter includes the installation of 6 tents to assist Steps (25/03/2015)
    and incorporates new special toilets for the disabled
  • Martinez-Cache visit the districts high Lorca to meet the needs of rainfed agriculture (24/03/2015)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water meets with farmers in the highlands of Lorca and visit some farms affected by the lack of water
  • The writer Carles Cano stars in a new "Meet Author" to 500 students in Early Childhood Education from around the municipality (24/03/2015)
    The activity will take place on 23, 24 and March 25 in the library of the Cultural Center and attend different schools
  • The School of Visual Arts Lorca presents "Trans-ency" (24/03/2015)
    The show opens this afternoon at 19:30 at the Cultural Center of the city
  • Lorca opens new facilities for ASOFEM (24/03/2015)
    Han course surpassing the 800,000 euros by the City Council, Government of Spain CARM and Investment
  • 25,500 publications were distributed as part of the device Tourist Information Easter Lorca 2015 (24/03/2015)
    The tourism plan will have a greater number of data points and informers, plus more printed material last year and visiting journalists German
  • C's Lorca alleges that the Youth Space has since 2011 with the'primera piedra' (24/03/2015)

  • The Mayor delivers the flag and the throne Brotherhood of the Virgen de las Huertas and the banner of the patron saint of Almendricos (23/03/2015)
    workshops developed by the Department of Employment
  • Francisco Jodar training awards diplomas to 90 students from seven scholarship courses developed by the Department of Employment (23/03/2015)

  • The Mayor delivered to the Brotherhood of the Curia the throne of the Virgin of Solitude restored in the workshops of Employment for damages suffered in the floods (23/03/2015)
    10 students gilt and polychrome, a master carpenter, monitors painting, electricity and locksmith have participated in the repair and improvement made by the City
  • UPyD Lorca City government requires "immediate solution" to the inhumane and inequality conditions in which a group of immigrants living in the bed of the Guadalentín (23/03/2015)

  • ASLEP held from 8 to 22 April 15 activities to mark World Parkinson's Day in collaboration with the City of Lorca (23/03/2015)
    There will be three round tables, several workshops and a charity evening that can assist anyone who wants to collaborate
  • The Socialist Party claims that the former Eagles Road continues being flooded with rainwater despite its remodeling (23/03/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca asks no sense asking open unfinished works (23/03/2015)

  • A special brigade is responsible for answering requests from residents in the neighborhood works Alfonso X (22/03/2015)

  • Juan Manuel Cabrera (UPyD) proposed that the municipal investment in integrated finance training programs within schools (20/03/2015)

  • The draft Lorca do in the greater central production of photovoltaic solar energy, closer (20/03/2015)
    after overcoming the impact statement ambientral
  • Successful completion of the first phase of the project "Plant a Tree for Lorca" (20/03/2015)
    Thanks to this plan have been planted over 900 trees and shrubs, as well as participating in reforestation lorquinas different social groups and organizations
  • Juan Manuel Cabrera (UPyD) aims to "streamline municipal expenditures" reducing political appointees and municipal heritage (18/03/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca calls for a solution to promote Suvilor homes in La Paca (18/03/2015)

  • Six hundred troops form the special device Security and Emergency for Holy Week Lorca (18/03/2015)
    The Government delegate highlighted the great effort of the Forces of State Security to ensure security in the city and called for support for the Lorca
  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Minister of Agriculture visited the premises Insemination Equine Center occasion Stop Stallions (18/03/2015)
    Year copies of the Military Stud and Breeders Association participating Murcia
  • The Songs and Dances "Virgen de las Huertas" group presents its V Folklore Sample Child Uncle Pillo (18/03/2015)
    The event will feature over 180 people groups Songs and Dances of Yecla and Pliego, as well as hosting
  • Special Security and Emergency device for Easter 2015 exceeds 600 troops (18/03/2015)

  • 190 meters restored medieval walls with 5 towers and five canvases are already in front of La Merced to visit Lorca (18/03/2015)

  • A network of more than eight kilometers of collectors into service to improve sanitation Orchard Lorca (18/03/2015)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Lorca Mayor presented the completed works of five new collectors that are part of the Comprehensive Plan cleansing and purifying of the city
  • Francisco Jodar inaugurated in the district of Puri lorquina the only hitches Center Region, created over 25,000m2 of municipal property (18/03/2015)

  • The PSOE again require Jódar that addresses and resolves complaints from neighbors about the works in Alfonso X (18/03/2015)
    Andrea Periago denounces the passivity of Jódar by failing to respond to numerous requests for remedy, once and for all , the chaos that is generating in neighborhoods like Alfonso X, because of his scheme "works by votes"
  • President Garre highlights "the transformation of the new neighborhood of La Viña, designed to boost civic life" (17/03/2015)
    The Chief Executive visits the Lorca neighborhood after the remodeling that involves an investment of 5.8 million euros
  • 200 people participate in the first hiking and biking environment Coy (17/03/2015)
    signalized by the City of Lorca and Lorca-Santiago association
  • The 80 users Apandis you participate in the treatment of equine launched by the Department of Culture of the City of Lorca (17/03/2015)
    This new project, with which activities are conducted twice a week, is part of the program of the University Popular Lorca
  • The City Council clarifies that those affected by floods in Lorca receive the same treatment as any other natural disaster (17/03/2015)
    The City Council regrets that the PSOE bet on victims face each other and described as "ruin" the manipulation against victims
  • The Local Police Lorca celebrates its patron 2015 (17/03/2015)
    with the hoisting of the flag of Ireland and the delivery of its Silver Medal to Bethlehem Perez and Police Merit Cross the guilds
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "unfairness" among those affected by the floods of Lorca in 2012 and the recently occurred in Zaragoza (17/03/2015)

  • The PSOE will not be complicit in the bungling that intends to open Jódar because missing two months for elections (17/03/2015)

  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Presidential Advisor inaugurated the new premises of Sports Complex Felipe IV (17/03/2015)
    The infrastructure includes full renovated spaces and areas for new sports facilities to meet the demands of users
  • Citizens demand an explanation from the government team by the existing labor dispute in the reconstruction of Ros Giner Institute (17/03/2015)

  • The Community financed the renovation of the Sports Complex King Philip VI, which extends its services to the practice of physical activity in Lorca (16/03/2015)
    The Minister José Gabriel Ruiz and Mayor Francisco Jodar inaugurate the facility, which involves an investment of more regional one million euros
  • Lorca and visitors and have available the "A Different App" application dedicated to the Holy Week of Lorca (16/03/2015)
    New this year presents a contest where you can measure "Who knows more about Easter Lorca?"
  • Saving measures and optimization of spending cuts achieved more than 42 million in municipal debt (16/03/2015)
    Moving from 105.2 million to 63.2
  • The PSOE shows its support for the workers affected Giner Ros works for unpaid wages (16/03/2015)
    From the Municipal Socialist Group require the government team and the Minister of Education accountability to the new problems that do nothing but slow return to normality of the educational community of this center
  • UPyD Lorca commitment to "open government" to manage the city (16/03/2015)

  • Successful first living Citizens of the Region of Murcia organized by the Association of C's Lorca (16/03/2015)

  • The PSOE adopted by acclamation the nomination "with which recover the mayor of Lorca" (14/03/2015)
    Lorca The Socialist Group presents the list of people who make up the led by Diego José Mateos candidacy
  • Asaja Nurcia has aimed to train farmers in organic farming (14/03/2015)
    The organization will hold two courses for unemployed organic farming in the CIFE Lorca
  • The PP is committed to draft the program all Murcia (14/03/2015)
    Jódar Sanchez and participate in Lorca in a training day for auditors and attorneys
  • President Garre underlines the contribution of Lorca entrepreneurs employment generation (14/03/2015)

  • President Garre ensures the restoration center of the Community rehabilitate the image of the patron saint of Lorca (13/03/2015)
    La Virgen de las Huertas will be moved to the Center for Restoration of Cultural Property after the festivities September
  • The UPyD candidate for mayor of Lorca, Juan Manuel Cabrera, publishes its line staff WhatsApp (13/03/2015)
    to establish a "more direct and simple citizens"
  • The Community ensures 120 residential places for people with mental disabilities in Lorca until 2019 (13/03/2015)

  • Over 250 cyclists will this afternoon from the Plaza of Spain in Lorca in the first stage of the competition Mountain '2 Kingdoms' (13/03/2015)

  • The Committee on Honors and Awards Local Police Lorca honors the Security council with the Silver Medal of Merit Police (13/03/2015)

  • The First Conference Cultural "Young Blues" form on cultural issues to younger procesionistas (13/03/2015)
    Activities will take place on 14, 15, 20 and 21 March, and are intended for any young interested in learning about the rich culture of Step Blue
  • The PSOE ensures that the final stretch of Jódar being "shameful and concern for the interests of Lorca" (13/03/2015)
    Antonio Navarro think that the frantic pace of cuts ribbon bearing Jódar should be accompanied by more jobs in an entire city under reconstruction where unemployment has risen to 21 people in February
  • Juan Manuel Cabrera UPyD says is "an alternative product of a job and a serious project" (12/03/2015)
    composed of a team prepared "up to govern"
  • The LX Anniversary Band of the Incarnate Paso meet on Saturday to more than 200 musicians on the stage of Teatro Guerra (12/03/2015)

  • 16,000 printed programs with adapted to this year's poster design will enhance the online information on events and schedules of Easter (12/03/2015)

  • Mateos commitment "recovery and enhancement of the historic center as an essential axis of development of Lorca" (12/03/2015)

  • Socialist Alternative Lorca Lorca calls rainfed not leave (11/03/2015)
    The First Secretary General of training, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, recalled how important crops such as almonds in the High Pedanías
  • More than 450 women from Fuente Álamo visit Lorca in an activity organized by the municipalities of Lorca and Fuente Álamo (11/03/2015)

  • Sports Councilman, Augustine Llamas, presents the new kits and website Lorca Rugby Club (11/03/2015)
    The presentation took place at the Parador Castillo de Lorca and has enjoyed the presence of the president of the club
  • The City of Lorca and Lorca-Santiago enhance rural tourism association (11/03/2015)
    with signaling six hiking and biking in the vicinity of Coy
  • The PSOE de Lorca requires the implementation "in its entirety" Plan Colon Cancer Prevention as if it is done in other areas of the Region (11/03/2015)

  • The Lorca Cultural Center hosts this Wednesday at 19 pm the awards "Angels Pascual" (10/03/2015)
    Laura Aguilera Ruiz and Carolina Fernández Silvestre will receive the award for winning the first prize in both categories
  • District Phase of the XXVI Olympiad Mathematics (10/03/2015)
    The IES Bartolomé Pérez Casas de Lorca, March 7 hosts the headquarters of the Regional Phase of the XXVI Olympiad Mathematics
  • First Conference on Disaster Santa Pola (10/03/2015)
    Emergency Councilman Lorca share experience in managing natural disasters in the First Conference on Disaster held in Santa Pola
  • Juan Manuel Cabrera says UPyD Lorca has established itself over the years as "an alternative to politics that make the old parties in the municipality" (09/03/2015)

  • The Mayor sits Lorca representatives of business organizations and Tragsa (09/03/2015)
    To advance the construction of the Center for Fair and Congress Lorca
  • Citizen-party complaint citizenship formation "dumps" on the road the jump (09/03/2015)

  • Socialist Alternative Lorca calls for greater involvement of government in gender equality (07/03/2015)

  • Juan Manuel Cabrera (UPyD) ensures that the economic situation of Lorca's "catastrophic" (06/03/2015)

  • The story "The Battle Mechanics' Wins Short Story Contest IV" Women "in which participated 64 stories (06/03/2015)
    The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, March 12, at 18:45 pm in the Cultural Fund Espin Lorca
  • Environment locate the bodies of four herons in a pit of the dam Bridge in Lorca (06/03/2015)
    metal theft protection grid in the pit became a death trap for birds
  • Lorca this weekend will host the Annual Congress of the Federation of Songs and Dances of Spain (06/03/2015)
    to mark the 70th anniversary of Songs and Dances of Lorca
  • Local Police reports among 1,150 students in Secondary 1 municipal ordinance peaceful coexistence and prevention of antisocial behavior (06/03/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the City of Lorca greater commitment to ending inequality between men and women (06/03/2015)
    From the PSOE advocate awareness campaigns that go beyond the commemoration of March 8 or 25 November and by policies end the job more difficult for women to incorporation in the workplace
  • Mateos complaint that the City of Lorca has rotated to collect the tax on motor vehicles (seal) to exempt vehicles by Act (06/03/2015)
    Mateos requires the government team rectified by trade and provide immediate repayment of a bill are they making owners of tractors, trailers or semi-trailers, by law, are exempt from tax
  • The City Council recalls that agricultural tractors and trailers do not pay the 'seal of the car' (05/03/2015)
    Economy Councilman stated that "if any owner of these vehicles has received a receipt mistakenly Tax Motor Vehicle must go to municipal offices to correct it "
  • The repair work of the church of San José contemplate replacing the vault of the nave (05/03/2015)
    and recovery of the oldest elements Temple
  • The Plaza of Spain Lorca welcomes four monthly Sunday antique market and second hand (05/03/2015)

  • Awareness Campaign Responsible Pet Ownership achieves lower the number of abandoned animals (05/03/2015)
    and increase the dog "chipped"
  • Mateos: "the development and promotion of Campus Universitario de Lorca will be top priority for my government team" (05/03/2015)
    Diego José Mateos and Jesus Mazuecos say "bet on a firm, resolute and unapologetic for a University Campus in Lorca more ambitious , driver of productive, social and educational fabric of the region "
  • Socialist Alternative Lorca believes President Monago owes an apology to Lorca (04/03/2015)
    The First Secretary General of training, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, regrets used the image of the Virgin of Bitterness a humorous video content
  • Citizens Lorca welcomes the good acceptance of their proposals (04/03/2015)

  • Francisco Jodar, "expanding the factory Noksel confirms that companies who choose to settle Lorca, are right" (04/03/2015)

  • The writer Llanos Campos stars in the upcoming "Encounters with author" to 900 school (04/03/2015)
    The activity will take place on 5 and 6 March at the Cultural Center and attend different colleges and institutes Lorca
  • 250 persons form two hearts against gender violence in Lorca (04/03/2015)
    Today'Pinturas exhibition opens in femenino' with 20 works from 9 Lorca artists
  • The Socialist Party claims that the number of unemployed in the construction sector continues to rise in Lorca (04/03/2015)

  • UPyD confirms its presence in the town of Lorca in the May elections (04/03/2015)

  • After the "inability of socialists and popular" to solve the problems of the municipality (04/03/2015)
    Juan Manuel Cabrera (UPyD) states that Lorca "requires a change in the way of doing politics"
  • Barnabas announced an investment of 106 million euros in Lorca between this year and next (03/03/2015)
    The counselor, who has attended the follow-up meeting chaired by Minister Ana Pastor, estimated at nearly 200 million investment by the Regional Government in the reconstruction of the city
  • The Institute of Social Action Murciano run the'Proyecto Glen Morales' in Lorca to favor the inclusion of Roma (03/03/2015)
    The CEO of Pensions, Assessment and Inclusion Programs Murciano Institute of Social Action, Miguel Angel Miranda, indicated that this initiative will help 18 families in the area
  • The works of recovery in the former convent of La Merced include the consolidation of the foundation (03/03/2015)
    to provide greater security to the entire property
  • Unemployment continues to fall in Lorca rather than the regional and national average both in the last month and annual data (03/03/2015)

  • Fifty people at risk of social exclusion benefit Gypsy Development Project (03/03/2015)
    The plan, which has a budget of 20,361.90 euros, is intended for 18 families living in the area where the program runs
  • The National Police arrested five people for the crime of burglary in things (03/03/2015)
    In Elche and Lorca
  • The Department of Health committed to regular reviews as a key tool for cancer prevention (02/03/2015)

  • Bid Lorca courses to prepare for exams for the B1 and B2 from the University of Cambridge (02/03/2015)

  • Socialist Alternative Lorca is presented (02/03/2015)
    "Birth of a new political formation composed of men and women willing to work for Lorca Lorca was born Socialist Alternative."
  • The region shown in the center of Madrid Sefarad Israel archaeological documentation of the Jewish community of Lorca in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries (02/03/2015)
    The exhibition 'Sefarad Lights' with 75 pieces will be in the center of Madrid from March 10 until May 31
  • UPyD Lorca ensures that the latest openings of works have come "too late" and serve "electoral purposes" (02/03/2015)

  • Lorca decided the best youth and veterans (02/03/2015)
    The athletics track of the Sun City on Saturday hosted the Winter Championship of the Region of Murcia for both categories, along with a new federal scrutiny
  • The NGO Futura Lorca organized the first Lan Party taking place in Lorca (01/03/2015)
    This event will occur between days 1 to 5 April inclusive, in the industrial area of ​​Saprelorca
  • Citizen-Party of citizenship denounces the neglect of some of the most emblematic areas of Lorca are (01/03/2015)


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