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  • La Hoya Lorca Football Club launches new sports project for this season's Third Division (30/07/2010)

  • The Socialist Party supports the residents of Campbell in his demand for a recreation area (30/07/2010)
    The General Secretary of PSOE in Lorca, Diego Ferra, recalled that his party called for the creation of this space in a motion that was discussed in plenary May 2009 and was rejected by the PP
  • The Central Government will cut investments of 1,000 million euros in the Guadalentín, leaving Lorca as the most aggrieved (30/07/2010)

  • Inauguration of the Plaza of Spain of Lorca and his environment, after rehabilitation (29/07/2010)
    The joint collaboration of the Autonomous Region and the Municipality of Lorca has managed to recover one of the historical sites "emblematic" of the municipality
  • The University Council reported favorably on offering degrees in Nutrition and Nursing Campus Lorca (29/07/2010)
    The advisory body also gives approval to the implant UMU Primary Education in Cartagena and an overall rise of 1.5 percent of university fees
  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Minister of Public Works inaugurated the historic renovation of the Plaza of Spain (29/07/2010)

  • The City Council made the comprehensive reform of the leisure park in Los Angeles (29/07/2010)
    Where to build a new sports center at the request of neighbors
  • The Department of Local Development opens a new avenue for training and jobs that will benefit a total of 60 employees (29/07/2010)

  • The PSOE will not attend the reopening of the Plaza of Spain for his remodeling job has not a single Lorca (29/07/2010)

  • The PSOE regrets that the PP is "throw flowers" that do not belong while not fulfilling its part of work in the work of Plan E 2010 (28/07/2010)
    Social Local Councillor, Mari Carmen Ruiz, "forgets" to mention that 82,800 euros to reform the Los Angeles park will be made by the Government of Spain
  • The PSOE warns that the disposal of municipal bodies will be an "organizational mess" (28/07/2010)
    Diego José Mateos recalled that the PP has yet provided any report that explains the savings made by removing the City councils
  • The Socialist Party warned that the Planning Department continues its nosedive (28/07/2010)
    In 2009 there was a decrease of 28% in income tax of Buildings, Facilities and Works (ICIO) and 13% in rates.
  • Reply to criticism of the PSOE on subsidies to companies (27/07/2010)

  • Jódar only provide tax relief to Chinese companies (27/07/2010)
    The PP rejected the motion in Parliament in which the Socialists demanded that the facilities be extended to all companies of similar size who wish to implant in the municipality.
  • Resource dedicated proportionality (27/07/2010)

  • Municipal Socialist Group's Motion to request an austerity plan for the Autonomous Community of Murcia (27/07/2010)

  • Press the PSOE "to the dissemination of information insidious, malicious and false by the PP government team" (27/07/2010)

  • Lorca City Council claims the Central Government to enable the municipality to finance works and projects in place to stop not work (27/07/2010)

  • Lorca less transparent the Town Councils of Spain (26/07/2010)
    Transparency Index of the municipalities (ITA) 2010, which produced for the third year running, Transparency International-Spain corporation and evidenced
  • The City Council requests the Government of Spain to make a new wording of the decree that prevents the borrowing local government (26/07/2010)

  • Lorca City Council propose to the Segura basin public employment program (26/07/2010)
    For the cleaning of the gullies in the area of Guadalentín
  • 166 athletes participate in the Fun Run "Joaquín Pernías" held on 25 July (26/07/2010)

  • The Council organizes a conference briefing on the new ordinance peaceful coexistence (26/07/2010)
    will put the finishing touches to the program "A 3-band"
  • UPyD in Lorca asks the council to take steps to improve transparency in the different aspects analyzed in the study of the ITA (25/07/2010)
    Our City has one of the last places in the different indices of transparency and is the worst score in our region.
  • Agriculture concludes improvements and infrastructure forests against fire in Lorca (24/07/2010)
    The proceedings have been conducted in forests in the public interest in the area of Palm Zarcilla
  • The Mayor of the City awards the prizes of the competition "Patios and Balconies of Lorca" (23/07/2010)

  • The City Council direct the proposal CHS public employment program for unemployed Lorca are employed in the cleaning of gullies (23/07/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the Assembly aid for farmers to recycle plastic greenhouses (23/07/2010)
    Bartolomé Soler MP claims in a motion the establishment of Agricultural and Green Points building plastics recycling plants and energy use of the same
  • The City Council congratulates the PSOE to recognize 3 years after the debt generated was 105 million euros (23/07/2010)

  • According to the General Account of the City debt has grown by 10% last year (23/07/2010)
    Meanwhile, Francisco Jodar and his team have increased their allowances by 43% above the budgeted
  • The PSOE requires Jódar to explain where are the 18 million that should have been used to pay providers (23/07/2010)
    In 2009, the PP government team only reduced by two million debt with creditors of the City, when he won 20 for this purpose through a special credit
  • FERAMUR converted back to Lorca in the largest showcase of handicrafts from the region of 23 to 26 September (23/07/2010)

  • The community heavy your appointment in just one week in the city of the Sun (22/07/2010)

  • Mesquida visit the last phase of work on the future Parador de Lorca (22/07/2010)
    The project investment is 28 million euros, worth upscale hotel in 76 double rooms.
  • Clarification to criticism of the PSOE from the Area 3 Management of Health (22/07/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the renovation of streets and adjacent Luis de Peralta of San Diego (22/07/2010)
    Councilwoman Maria Sanchez said that "political will and little effort for municipal coffers, could be given to those affected by the shortcomings of these streets services much more worthy "
  • The City consolidates its commitment to citizen participation through the adoption of the rules of the Board of the City (22/07/2010)
    It is open most prominent citizen participation in the democratic period in our city.
  • The PSOE de Lorca claims that the ratios of hospital beds per capita in Area 3 of Health are "Third World" (22/07/2010)
    There is only one public bed for every 1,060 inhabitants, while the World Health Organization recommended for the same population between 8 and 10
  • El Paso Museum of Lorca Purple is enriched with audiovisual equipment that shows the history of the brotherhood (21/07/2010)
    investment of 40,000 euros has been conducted through the Product Plan to Promote Tourism Lorca
  • Response to statements on bills Abellán Isidro Limusa (21/07/2010)

  • New progress in improving the building of Santa Rosa de Lima (21/07/2010)
    will be comprehensively refurbished to be used as an emergency center, high-resolution medical specialties
  • Motion on tax credits in the industrial sector (21/07/2010)
    Ferra Diego Garcia, a spokesman for the Municipal Socialist Group in the city of Lorca, presented to Full Council Regular July 2010, the following motion
  • The City Council allocated € 104,000 for the modernization and comprehensive improvement of the Municipal Archaeological Museum (21/07/2010)

  • PSOE: "The cleaning skills, access to beaches and facilities are the City Lorca, not Costs" (20/07/2010)
    General Secretary of PSOE in Lorca, Diego Ferra, described as "disturbing" that Morales was not aware of their committed themselves three years after taking office
  • Reply PSOE critical state beaches Lorca (20/07/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the remodeling of the Barrio de Los Angeles (20/07/2010)

  • The People's Race "Joaquín Pernías" will be held on Sunday July 25 from the Chapel of Feli (20/07/2010)

  • Close Councilman Youth Camp organized by "The Giant" in the regional park of Sierra Espuña (19/07/2010)
    The kids have been active participants of leisure and entertainment such as zip, scavenger hunts, orienteering, campfires and archery
  • The PSOE regional government will require the full regulation of the Law Unit to create jobs in Lorca (19/07/2010)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the removal of architectural barriers leads La Viña paralyzed year and a half (16/07/2010)
    after bankruptcy to the company which was responsible for executing the works were "half done" with the danger to the safety of passers this entails, explained Councilwoman Maria Ponce
  • The Lorca will perform a free review of the condition of the tires of their vehicles (16/07/2010)
    On Monday from 9 o'clock and thirty in the morning in the Garden of the Wheel
  • 18 Lorca youth have participated in a cultural exchange program with the French town Mauguio (16/07/2010)

  • Manuel Soler propose replacing the figure of the village headman and district councils and county councils (16/07/2010)

  • The PSOE requires compensation Malvaloca Highway, with serious damage only a year and a half after its resurfacing (15/07/2010)

  • The City Council has alternative traffic routes on the occasion of the procession of the Virgen del Carmen (15/07/2010)

  • The City of Lorca UI attributed the opposition to be built a center for the NGOs from the municipality to the ignorance of his spokesman (15/07/2010)
    After 7 years as a councilman, IU spokesman unknown land use set by the General Management Plan.
  • Manuel Soler explained to the operators the need for Lorca regain their status as head of region (15/07/2010)

  • A local bus company Sáez promote the city (15/07/2010)
    Across silkscreened images on its body that represent the castle of Lorca and the Virgen de las Huertas
  • Opened in Lorca's new residence ASPRODES (14/07/2010)
    González Tovar, "to the Zapatero government, care for the neediest citizens first"
  • Enter operating in Lorca 80 residential places for people with intellectual disabilities (14/07/2010)
    The counselor opens Bascuñana Asprodes new residence in the deputation of Puri, with which he created 17 new jobs
  • The director of the Museum of Imperial Forums in Rome will participate in a course at the University of Mar (14/07/2010)
    The course attempts to analyze the new trends museum
  • The Lorca purification improves the quality of its waters for the tertiary treatment system (14/07/2010)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca inaugurate the launch of this service which allows the reuse of up to seven annual water hectometres of the highest quality
  • The City Council operates with several companies to withdraw the "thermal blanket" (13/07/2010)
    With the aim of reducing and streamlining the collection as far as possible
  • The City Council on Thursday began the campaign "Watch your life, protect from heat" (13/07/2010)
    contemplates the distribution of 5,000 leaflets, 300 bricks of juice and 500 bottles of water
  • The PSOE proposes LIMUSA participate in the process of collection for thermal blanket (13/07/2010)
    Socialist Councillor Maria Ponce calls for the municipal corporation acting as an intermediary in the management of these wastes
  • Lorca Mayor donates blood (13/07/2010)
    Y encourages citizens to work with the Blood Donation Center "as a sign of the generosity of Lorca"
  • Development Councillor Lorca Hall of the local PSOE encourages to seek the resignations of Zapatero and White (12/07/2010)
    "for his animosity toward Lorca and Lorca"
  • They call for the resignation of Councillor for Cultural Development after ensuring that the paintings were protected Inquisitor's House (12/07/2010)
    May Last Joaquin Ruiz Montalbán justified the demolition of the rooms that housed the paintings and city officials hid behind when he is politically responsible for the project
  • The PSOE Montalbán invited to visit the works of Lorca AVE in the altitude of La Hoya (09/07/2010)

  • The PP returns to take the chainsaw and felling the trees in the courtyard of the kindergarten Almendricos (09/07/2010)
    Socialist Councillor Lucia Sanchez recalled that the PP and starred in a bitter row over the same issue in the park of the Vine
  • The 300 students enrolled this summer in the EVAF participate Monday in beach and hiking activities in the districts Lorca (09/07/2010)

  • The Mayor stressed the importance of the social economy as an opportunity for reviving the labor market (08/07/2010)

  • Lorca City Council will install a giant screen in the Santa Quiteria fairgrounds to watch the final of the soccer world championship (08/07/2010)

  • They ask clarifying Jódar Lorca benefits of residency in the municipality of China's assembly industry (08/07/2010)

  • Marín and Francisco Salvador Jódar reiben Chinese entrepreneurs (07/07/2010)

  • A delegation of eight companies in the food sector, gourmet delicatessen, from Germany and Slovenia, have visited Lorca (07/07/2010)
    During a trade mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Lorca is a quality tourist destination thanks to the sector (07/07/2010)
    García Aragón, "has merit that the PSOE wants to give lessons in tourism with examples like the Sakar Ben Robot"
  • González Tovar met with Chinese entrepreneurs who study the location of a ZEIC in Lorca (07/07/2010)

  • Manuel Soler: "The revival of the tourism sector will be a priority when it ruled in 2011" (07/07/2010)
    The Socialist candidate for Mayor of Lorca proposes the creation of a Board to coordinate all aspects of tourism in the city and involve the agents involved in the sector
  • Begin activities in the labor camps and camps for the Region of Murcia (06/07/2010)
    Verónica López visit to fifty young people participating in summer camp in Lorca Calnegre Tips
  • The PSOE suspends councilor Ruiz Montalbán in his leadership Development (06/07/2010)
    The secretary general of the Socialist Lorca, Diego Ferra, regretted that the PP councilor has not been able to advance important issues that the previous Socialist government team left virtually baste
  • Reply criticism of the PSOE on housing (06/07/2010)

  • Jódar PSOE rejected the proposal to create a fleet of rental housing at low cost for young people (06/07/2010)

  • Chinese businessmen interested in investing in Lorca and the City signed a cooperation agreement (05/07/2010)
    To realize the project's construction ZEIC
  • The PSOE Lorca asks the mayor to not remain silent about the abolition of Lorca Taller del Tiempo (05/07/2010)

  • The PSOE assistance regrets "ridiculous" Leisure the Olympiad held in Lorca (05/07/2010)
    Qualifying as another example of mismanagement of PP
  • The City invests 390,000 euros in the construction of a new building for the College of Ramonete (02/07/2010)
    and a set of improvements to the IES Francisco Giner and Ibáñez Martín Ros
  • The City Council gives new impetus to employment programs (02/07/2010)
    With the hiring of 4 monitors for the implementation of new training activities
  • The national youth conference, leisure and ICT meet in Lorca more than 70 professionals (02/07/2010)
    The director of the Institute of Youth Training closing the meeting that has developed on days 1 and 2 July
  • Agriculture and Water culminates the work of erosion control and regulation of water regime on the slopes of the castle of Lorca (02/07/2010)
    The cost of execution amounted to 56,000 euros, financed by the Obra Social La Caixa
  • The Mayor of Lorca emphasizes training and self-employment as an alternative for creating jobs (01/07/2010)
    and the socioeconomic recovery of the crisis
  • The House ended the first half of training (01/07/2010)

  • The City Council regrets that the PSOE councilors refuse to get off the salary (01/07/2010)

  • The PSOE recalls that it was this party who proposed a 15% reduction in the salary of the council and the PP rejected (01/07/2010)

  • Sotoca stressed during his visit to Lorca the value of active and training in the job search process (01/07/2010)
    The Minister of Education, Training and Employment valued the collaboration with the City, "which have developed training programs and employment by more than 4.7 million in the last two years "
  • Jódar rejects improvement Petanque Club of San Diego, champion of Spain at youth level triplets (01/07/2010)


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